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Sigil Prep (Gameplay) » A Mystery... A *Sexy* Mystery. » Today 1:58 am

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Marty stopped to gawk at every bridge they crossed.  Rolling up close to an edge, she stared out over the city after they'd moved up many, many stories.  Even the lifts were exciting and interesting. 

Once the got to the door, she kicked her wheels into the soles of her boots. "Spies?"  She perked up.  "How exciting."  And to be frank, entertainers sounded good too.  "These guys are supposed to be entertainers?"  She asked, giving 'Nissa a broad wink as she said the word.  "Well, so is Leo!  He'd even got a band.  Oh, and I guess I'm a cheerleader now, and that's a form of entertainment.  So...  maybe we use that as a pretext of sorts?  Leo's using his contacts - you two - to get an in with the local artistic community?"

It was pretty lame, but maybe it the idea could be improved.  It wasn't like anyone else was coming up with ideas.  "I think we're trying to find out if House d'Phiarlan?" She asked as much as suggested.  "Infiltrated by something or someone sexy.  Also, we want to find out who that girl in the calendar is, because she doesn't seem to be a real d'Phiarlan."

Sigil Prep (Gameplay) » A Mystery... A *Sexy* Mystery. » Today 12:00 am

Akodo Rokku
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"Alright, so we need a cover story. One that won't get the door slammed in our faces.  Also, we need to know what we're lookin' for.  What're we lookin' for?"

Sigil Prep (Gameplay) » Rebooting the Canon » Yesterday 10:22 pm

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The hamster waves to both girls. Bye!  Enjoy your break from having to follow Korwan around!  He then dashes out of the thread.

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