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2/21/2018 10:56 pm  #21

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

The lion-boy looked up at Lorenzo and Marty as he gave them their papers, not sure which to answer first. "Well, miss," he answers the lady because he's polite, "I suspect there are a few food stands that sell maize. Mearls Produce is probably the closest."
He turns to Enzo, a bit more nervously, "I'd veer clear of Illegitimate Spice Dealers, sir. They deal in very bad things. Legitimate Spice Dealers chose their name specifically so you'd know they weren't associated and actually sell spices."

Rae and company enter Illegitimate Spice Dealers to see a bugbear handing a package to an orc. The orc hastily hides the bag behind his back and the bugbear says, "You ain't see nothin'."
The walls of the place are lined with spice bottles, but they're all clearly full of dirt.


2/21/2018 11:01 pm  #22

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

"Arrr, we be lookin' fer some peppers, th' kind they grow in Hell," Rae says, "and we hear this be the place to look fer such... items." She smiles.

She picks up a bottle of dirt, turning it in her hands, tilting it one way and the other. Finally she shrugs and sets it back on the counter.

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2/21/2018 11:06 pm  #23

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

"Duly noted, thanks kid. Say, Azer's having a crab bake on campus, if you got friends around you guys should consider swinging by."
He gives a cheerful wave as he walks off to the kitten, then spots four of their group go into the Illegitimate Spice Dealers, and sighs with a small sag.
"Except they went in anyway.  Dammit."
So he trudges in behind the others, glancing around.
"Okay...yeah this place kinda sucks.  Not even a bit of food dye to the dirt?  Really?"

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2/21/2018 11:23 pm  #24

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

"What kind of contraband could a city like this consider illegal?"


2/21/2018 11:25 pm  #25

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Jennifer couldn't help but be disappointed by the Spice shop. She didn't recognize any of the spices on the walls, especially since they appeared to be unlabeled. (Which was a horrible way to run on spice shop while they were on the subject). She wasn't entirely sure what kind of spices they used on other planes, but she was beginning to suspect that she had lived her life unaware that the hells were in fact some sort of spice capital of the multiverse, and was growing concerned over the quandry of whether or not it was worse to leave her friends in ignorance of the true potential of spices or if exposing them to such a revelation while they languished in such a seasoning backwater would be considered cruel and unusual. Ultimately she resolved that cruel and unusual was the right way for any proper fiend to go and went to the bugbear to find some real spice.

"Excuse me, sir? I don't mean to intrude, but as my friend said I'm wondering if you might have anything from the Hells. I'm looking for Baatorian Mustard and Peppercornugons. I understand it may be something of a premium commodity, but rest assured I'm prepared for it."


2/21/2018 11:33 pm  #26

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

"Good-bye, sir," the lion-boy waves.

The bugbear listens to Rae and Jennifer and nods. "Right, gotcha. 'Hell spices'" He uses air quotes. "Yeah, I got some 'Baatorian mustard.'" He leans into the back room. "Hey, Danny. What's 'Baatorian mustard' slang for?"
"I find 'at's a kinder mustard they serve in Hell."
"Well that's not drugs."
"Right." He looks back at Jennifer. "What's Baatorian mustard slang for?"


2/21/2018 11:38 pm  #27

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Rae slides a gold piece across the counter. "I think ye know it be Baatorian Mustard," she smiles. 

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2/21/2018 11:40 pm  #28

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

"Bye!"  Marty waves at the kid.  "Thanks for the paper."
She followed the strangely sophisticated liizardman into the spice shop.
"Rae."  She leaned in close to whisper.

"They don't sell cooking spices here. They sell recreational spices."  She added.  "I don't have money for shit like that."

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2/21/2018 11:41 pm  #29

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Lorenzo looks at that and facepalms.
"...Rae, you know my stuff is at least actual spices for gumbo, right?"

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2/21/2018 11:43 pm  #30

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Rae slides the gold piece back to herself, picking it up deftly.  "Ahem," she says, then parrots the orcs phrase, "You ain't seen nothing."  Then she turns and with her fan like wings gathers the others, especially Jennifer, and shuffles them back toward the door.  

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