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2/28/2018 9:06 pm  #11

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

"There be many planes, Frances," Rae says. "It be possible some worlds be misnamin' their merfolk."

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2/28/2018 9:07 pm  #12

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Done with food, Unit resumes cleaning, this time just pitching trash out the window and restraining the urge to do the same with his roommate.


2/28/2018 9:11 pm  #13

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Trash plummets out a fifth floor window, and lands unceremoniously on a twin-trunked elephant man. "oooohhh. I just took a shower." He turns and goes back inside.


2/28/2018 9:13 pm  #14

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Lorenzo offers a hand to Gear, pulling her up after she's mended and Huma losing interest.
"Lessee...given where you hit, maybe you should start from the roof for the hang glider part?  Or at least bind an elemental into a ring to handle buoyancy and lift like Lyrandar does."

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2/28/2018 10:15 pm  #15

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Silgon...after swallowing a big bite: My compliments to the Chefs.  This food is incredibly wonderful.  The food in the monestary was filling BUT not like this." He grins showing many of his teeth.


2/28/2018 11:23 pm  #16

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Gear honey we have to talk about up draft and weight limits.
Also the gliding part you overstuffed it with gadgets didnt you.Did you manage to make the weights for your gadgets equivalent.
Final thing while i walk you to the infirmary kor wisdom
Only make or take what you truly need.


2/28/2018 11:27 pm  #17

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

"What? Did you even see that? It was AMAZING! I've got a whole week to work out the updraft and the guidance. And now I know exactly how much lift I need, so that tomorrow I'll crash ON THE ROOF!" 


2/28/2018 11:33 pm  #18

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Marty rolls up to Maddie and Dora, a soaked paper plate loaded with succulent crab meat, delicious sides, and a quarter-length of butter-soaked corn cob balanced on each hand.

"Kilgore is here."  She announced, handing off the meals delivered on wheels. 

"Oh hi Dora!"  She waves jauntily once relieved of the plates.  "Thanks for the directions to Tier Breche!  Things worked out great."

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2/28/2018 11:37 pm  #19

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Lorenzo pats her lightly on the head with a sigh.
"...How do you get it from where you land back to the launcher, though?  Also, while I am no expert on stuff, I know Eberron's got some resources that might make the end result even better.  Like Soarwood - stuff is used in airships all the time back home."


2/28/2018 11:50 pm  #20

Re: Azre Dorm Beach Party

Rae sighs.  "If ye need me help, I be willin'," she says to Gear.  "Arr, but now I get back t' th' carousin'." She flies up to her room, retrieves a bottle from her chest, then rejoins the party.  "Who be wantin' some o' Nelson's folly?" She offers some Ixalan rum to whomever wants some, drinking from the bottle then passing it around.

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Rae Quetzali 3rd Level Rogue/ 1st Level Bard. Still a Parrot Pirate

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