Sigil Prep class of 5e

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4/10/2018 12:02 pm  #11

Re: Rush Week

"Nice to meet ya Trivia, I'm Leo. Fun and adventure sounds up my alley. So this is some kinda adventurin' club?"


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Re: Rush Week

With a bird's eye view, Rae can see most of the goings-on, and recognizes several people milling about.

The gnome continues to talk to Lorenzo, "Ohnono Ican'tjusttakeyour puddingunlessIguess ifit'sokayIreally wouldn'twanttoburdenyou butIcouldtakesomeifyou reallydon'tmind."

Sarah makes her way to the rows of so-called "Greek" organizations, although none of them particularly seem to know how the Greek alphabet works. "Psst." A kobold in robes and a hood that disguises his features (but not the distinct kobold-shape of his head) holds up a pamphlet. "Join a society devoted to the only religion that is actively illegal in the City of Sigil." Sarah barely has time to register what she's seen ('The Mystery of ...' something beginning with V) before the kobold shoves the pamphlet under his hood and eats it. "You saw nothing."

"Hi, Leo," Trivia says, "Yeah, the Young Knights of Myth..." She seems to focus on him for the first time, and is lost for a moment, then she continues, "The Young Knights of Myth Drannor is an organization dedicated to adventuring and camaraderie. We have regular weekend excursions to famous adventuring sites and sometimes our meetings have guest lectures from high-profile adventurers. We had Drizzt do'Urden booked once." She clears her throat. "He didn't show up. But he was booked."

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Re: Rush Week

Unit approaches the booth.  "You have failed to inform me of my acceptance in a timely manner.  Explain, mortal."


4/10/2018 3:53 pm  #14

Re: Rush Week

"Well heck Trivia," says Leo, grinning, "sign me up. Sounds like a great way to help fill out some lore requirements. Should be a real fun time, hittin' up those famous adventurin' sites with ya."


4/10/2018 7:25 pm  #15

Re: Rush Week

Frances would be walking around looking at all the booths, curious as to what was going on and the happenings of the collage. Though he did have a slight hesitation when he saw the military booth, not exactly what he was expecting to be motivating as he shrugged, singing his favorite tune in Primordial. = Frances De'Shalas
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Re: Rush Week

Lorenzo nods, holding it out to the gnome.
"By all means, go ahead, take as much of it as you wish.  Wouldn't offer if I weren't sure, uh...i don't think I got your name yet, pal."

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Re: Rush Week

The gnome says a long, meandering thing by way of giving his name, which concludes with "ButyoucancallmeFiv." He takes some pudding, unsure how much is polite, and stopping a bit short.

Trivia smiles and offers Leo the sign-up clipboard. "Well, I don't usually go on... but, you know, I could. Go on the adventures. Generally, I just keep the records organized but... Yes. Yes, going on excursions sounds fun." She clears her throat. "Which is obviously why I'm signing people up for it."

"Okay," Bargle says, and tosses Unit a t-shirt. Unfolded, it says "Minion" "Consider yourself a pledge. Be at the BBEG House tonight, and we'll promise your hazing won't be... too bad."


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4/10/2018 8:56 pm  #18

Re: Rush Week

Leo signs his name with a flourish.

"Oh, you gotta come adventurin'. Had some of my best times runnin' around the swamps and ruins back home. Which is Q'barra, on Eberron. Where d'you hail from, if ya don't mind me askin'?"


4/10/2018 11:03 pm  #19

Re: Rush Week

Sarah raises an eyebrow and says, "Pretty sure I'm not supposed to do anything illegal." She wanders over to the sorority section and looks around for any particularly interesting sororities. 

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4/10/2018 11:22 pm  #20

Re: Rush Week

With a casual flick, Unit bisects the shirt.  "I will be there, I look forward to your humility."  Turning, he leaves.


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