Sigil Prep class of 5e

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4/11/2018 9:10 am  #21

Re: Rush Week

Lorenzo nods, pulling the pudding back once Fiv grabs his fill.
"Name's Lorenzo, nice to meet you, Fiv.  Say, got any suggestions on what to join around here?"

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Re: Rush Week

"Wellsure," Fiv says, "Ithinkyoushould considertheSigilPrepSpelljammingSociety becauseit'sgoingtobe superfun andeveryonelikesSpelljammingright? AnywayIguess wedidn'topenabooth thisyearbutourmeetings arepostedonthe BigbyBuildingbulletinboard. DidImentionmyuncle wasagreatspelljammingcaptain Imayhavementionedthat butheisandI'm prettyproudofit. IplantogointoWildspace myselfsomedayHowaboutyou?"

Sarah finds a row of sorority booths: Psi Psi Psi, which seems to cater to psionic young women. Pi Rho, which is staffed by that Mitzi girl from the game show. One that doesn't use the Greek alphabet but whose name is instead listed in maritime flags, although it's most certainly a hilarious pun if you understood it. Eta Omega Psi, who don't seem to have terribly much business, but one of them is feeding a wolf, which seems nice of her.

Bargle laughs to himself as Unit leaves, drawing a big circle around Unit's name on the sign-up. "Yeah, that's not obvious," the woman to his said says.

"Oh," Trivia says. "I'm from the Free City of Greyhawk. My father was originally from Celene, but he sort of got frowned at a lot when he married a human woman, so they moved. We tried to go back once when I was young but that's... way more information than you asked for, I'm working on that."

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Re: Rush Week

"Didn't know about Sigil 'til last week, actually, so lot of stuff' s new to me.  Kinda an accidental student, you see.  Anyway, I'll check out the poster after finding the wrestling coach, part of the terms of the scholarship I discovered.  Catch you around then?"


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Re: Rush Week

"Not everywhere's so enlightened about us half-elves, huh? That's a shame. And don't worry about talkin' too much - I'm a bard, I love gettin' ta know people and hearin' their stories."


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Re: Rush Week

After a bit of walking Frances would notice the snake people, the Yuan-Ti as he hummed. "Haven't seen their kind in a while." He said walking over to them. "Greetings there." He said waving a bit. = Frances De'Shalas
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Re: Rush Week

Unit walks past other booths, having a look at other organizations that (in theory) are BBEG's rivals in terms of campus influence.  Particularly the cheerleaders.  He understood how sex influenced organics, at least from an academic perspective, but the power these women wielded with nothing but athleticism and short skirts was nonsensical.


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Re: Rush Week

“Frogweight, i’d Imagine.” t’Nee replies to the half-orc.

“Thanks man, any guess where this Gareebo might be?”

He holds out his hand to shake the half-orc’s, without thinking.

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Re: Rush Week

Sarah briefly considers her options muttering to herself, "Not psionic...She's probably still mad at me for being blown up...I don't know flag code...Wolves are cool though!" She looks excited as she sees the girl feeding the wolf and walks over with a wave, saying, "Hey there!"

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Re: Rush Week

"Wrestlingcoach?" Fiv says. "Ohyeahhe'stheonly dragonborncoachoverbytheathleticbuilding youcan'tmisshim."

The half-orc shakes t'Nee's hand and winces a little, but seems fine. "Yeah, Gareebo's over there by the athletic building. Only dragonborn coah over there, can't miss 'im."

"I don't know how interesting I am," Trivia says. "I mean, I did come up with a new filing system for the spell library that takes into account school of magic, material components, and language of origin, but they tell me it's too complicated to implement."

"Greetings," one of the sorority ladies says. "Are you among the sisters who run at night, then?"

Unit finds the cheerleaders near the athletic building. Presumably the ones in the gold and white uniforms are the existing team, watching while one of them... a medusa, of all things... runs the others through a rather complex series of dance moves.

The yuan-ti hands Frances a flyer reflexively, then pauses. "Ah. Umm... hmm." He clears his throat. "Have you heard the news of Merrshaulk, lord of serpentkind and bringer of devastation to those who reject serpentity?"

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Re: Rush Week

Sarah looks kinda confused as to how the sorority girl worded it, but shrugs and says, "I guess you could put it like that. I do like a good jog in the evening."

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