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5/10/2018 8:58 pm  #221

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Blood would read over the mission again and gave a hum. " states we need to get it from Ol' Liz...wait...ol' Liz..." He would be pondering for a second before he let out a hyena laugh and shook his head. "Oh man, ya no I know why no one's taken this now. Oh man, their talking about Thaugon. I know the guy actually, this will be a real simple mission. But..." he would turn to Pete. "Just don't wet yourself when you meet Ol' Liz Thaugon." He said and then looked back at the paper. "I'll go get the payment money, Rosé you go gather the rest of the folks, we got a mission to do." he said.

Blood would then turn his attention to Pete and said "Well...ah, what she said wasn't entiraly false, though I do have more sensitive hearing than most others who walk these boards." He said with a chuckle. "Tell you what, how about toning the volume down just a bit, and I can teach you a few tunes from my tribe?" he suggested.

The tavern owner would growl at what Lilly was saying and said "If you would put sentimental values aside and realize the sentient chain, then you'd realize a dragon of any age is a powerful weapon to have in any regards." He said. "Tactics is the name of the game in this world." 

It would be at that point that the well dressed High Elf would get up, having heard the stories and what the tavern owner said. He would walk right up to the owner, many voices now hushing and watching. The well dressed elf would tap the tavern owner on the shoulder. When the owner turned around he would go wide eyed for a second when the well dressed elf removed his white glove and promptly slapped the owner across the face with the glove, a form of great disrespect. "You, sir, need to learn when to shut. Up." He said, putting his glove back on.

The tavern owner would rub where he got slapped, a mixture of anger and fear washing over his face. "Y-y-Your majesty I-I-" He stammered before being backhanded by the other elf and fell down onto the floor, back against the wall.

The well dressed elf would force the tavern owner up to his feet by the collar of his shirt and said "Do not dare regard me as such, you are no man of mine. I know who you are Traver. You may not fly Federation colors, but I know you are a supporter of the scum." He said, loud enough to catch the attention of everyone in the bar, and some passersby, fear now spreading on tavern owner, Traver's face. "That is enough to have rot like you gutted and piked." He said, letting the tavern owner go as he fell back on the floor, now staring at all the daggered eyes from everyone in the tavern. The Well dressed man would look over to Munda and said "How would you fair owning this place?" He asked.

Well that would have Traver scrambling to his feet. "Y-You can't do that Orlando!" He yelled.

Orlando would pull out his pistol and aim it right at the owners face. "Oh, can't I? And what say all of you?" He asked to the patrons, who were now starting to murmur threats to Traver, no one really liked the guy, but now to know he supported the Federation?

Traver would nearly pee himself as he said "O-Oh great Cloud-Holder, p-please forgive me, I-I-I-" He tried saying before being pistolwhipped and back onto the floor.

Orlando would then say "You will NOT regard me like some Federation Royal Scum!" He said to the now terrified Traver.

Harold would think about it for a moment and said "Oh ay, 'bout 10 years, well it will be in a week." He said finishing his food.

He would look over to the celebration and chuckled. "Heh, right joveal lot they be, eh?" He asked shaking his head. "Could do with better music though."

Cleo would smile and nod. "I hear you on that one my dear." She said taking a sip of her drink. "Tell me, under who's flag do you sail under?" She asked. = Frances De'Shalas
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Re: Port Claw Ridge

" as a former employee what ever you do to him is far to nice.Also i beleive munda would make for ten times the owner he is kind can handle the ruffians and knows how to treat a lady."with her big toothy smile ending her punctuation while she waits on her dress

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Re: Port Claw Ridge

"Aye captain! Pete, try not to break anything and if you have to be sick do it over the side. Lets go, Onyx!"

Dragon at her side, Rosé hit the streets to gather the crew. She started in the obvious places - the taverns.


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Re: Port Claw Ridge

"You all keep thinking the worst of me and it's hurtful."


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Re: Port Claw Ridge

WoodrowLand wrote:

Harold would think about it for a moment and said "Oh ay, 'bout 10 years, well it will be in a week." He said finishing his food.

He would look over to the celebration and chuckled. "Heh, right joveal lot they be, eh?" He asked shaking his head. "Could do with better music though."

"Ten years is long for a sham of a marriage, friend. Have ye really not grown close despite the initial trickery?" Seabeard asks Harold. 

"Ye mentioned she had business in port -- what manner o' business be that? Might ye be in need of a ship o' adventurers?"

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Re: Port Claw Ridge

lilly heard the word federation and she thought to herself,she thought long and hard, confused at her next step,but her mouth watering."Travers i want to ask you some questions? First did you hire me so you could keep tabs on me? Second question if you knew who i was why
Did you hire me?final question who is this handsome man?id hurry travers because after he is done with you if i dont like your answers i will feast again.

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Re: Port Claw Ridge

"Oi Captn', want be to prep the ship for leave? I could weigh the anchors or something so we'll be ready to shove off."


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Re: Port Claw Ridge

"Oh, I believe he's one Captain Blood. He seems like a pretty good guy, and the ship is pretty nice. It might be getting a new name? I don't remember. I think it's going to be a real learning experience, though." She finishes off her current drink. "How about you? Do you have a special ship for conquering the seas?"


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Re: Port Claw Ridge

Orlando would be looking at Traver and Munda would blink a bit and look over to Lilly and then back to Orlando. Orlando then motioned towards Lilly while looking at Traver and said "I do believe the lovely lady asked you some questions, better get to answering." He said.

Traver would hesitate as he said "No, I didn't hire you to keep tabs on you, don't know why you'd think that. You can bring in money with your singing and looks, that's why I allowed you to work under my coin. As to your last question, how dare you disrespect Master Orlando Cloud-Holder, One of the ten Warlords and and Royal Blood to the Feder-" He was cut off by Orlando kicking his face. "What do you want me to say!? That you're a filthy traitor!? You turned pirate when your family, rulers of the one true race, was generous to spare your life, that you're filth with human blood!?"

Orlando would be quiet when he said "That's...close. I will gladly say I am a traitor to the filth of the Federation, but do you say that giving a baby away to the first sailors that they saw was merciful?" he asked calmly.

Traver would yell saying "Your filth blood is a crime to the Federation, I at least give them some coin to aid them, they will rule the world you just wait. Your life is nothing but a crime from birth!" He yelled.

Onyx would be following behind chirping as he followed Rosé, there would be three taverns near each other. One of course is the Shells Wake, which had several people looking in, arming themselves and murmurs going on.

Rosé would hear the yelling of Traver, and hear that the pirates both in and out of the tavern were just waiting for Orlando to give the Federation supporter to them, oh where they going to have 'fun' with him, sharpening their swords and daggers.
Blood would look over to Lrz and said "Let's wait till everyone is on board before doing anything, that way we know we're not shipping off without anyone." He said.

Blood would then turn as he looked over Pete and hummed and pat him on the back. "Ah come now pal, look, here's a favorite tune of mine that you can join in on." He said smiling, pounding on the railing with his fist in a drum like fashion, it was tribal by nature, Gnoll tribe as he would be barking out a song/chant that went along with it, waiting for Pete to join in.

Harold would hum a bit and said "I recon there have been some nice times yes." He said trailing off, and said "Well...I could always take me trade on the seas, and I'm sure the Mrs. won't mind as well, though she'll be joining in as well. Though I don't know jus what business she has here." He said shrugging. "But...I can't just up and leave me business jus yet." He said looking over Seabeard. "Tell ya wha Lad, I need some food from Paradise Island, in the Paradise Nation, don' ask about the name fer I don't know much meself. But I hear that food can force the truth out o' anyone. You bring me some and I can start me job on any ship ya got." He said.

Cleo would spit out her drink as she said "Y-Yawlgruff? You know that flee biter?" She asked with a twitch of her eye. She would say "Didn't think he'd get a crew of his own now, gah and to think I gave that guy the most generous offer of being part of my lovely crew." She said sighing. "Sorry, didn't mean to take that out on you, me and your captain have a bit of history. He...saved me once but his goal and mine are one of the same, which as you can tell is a bit of a problem." She said. = Frances De'Shalas
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Re: Port Claw Ridge

Rosé poked her head into the Shell's Wake, catching sight of Lilly.

"Ahoy Miss Lilly, we're getting ready to ship out and...well, hello there, who's this handsome gentleman?"

She slipped through the crowd, ignored the owner on the floor, and curtsied to Orlando.

"Rosé Poirier, at your service milord."

Onyx followed, pushing his way through the crowd with a mighty blep.

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