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5/10/2018 11:14 pm  #231

Re: Port Claw Ridge

"Dear sweet handsome orlando  id like to talk to you in private." She. Whispers one thing into travers ears if any one hears it("the spawn of bloody john sung in your tavern,i want you to think on that") lilly will see onyx and rose and say "ok but i want to talk to my new ally orlando in private and go pick up my dress."

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5/11/2018 12:03 am  #232

Re: Port Claw Ridge

"Excuse me, goblin friend. Don't mean to disturb your reading but I'd like to buy this here pan flute." Daran said picking up the Pan Flute.


5/11/2018 12:11 am  #233

Re: Port Claw Ridge

WoodrowLand wrote:

Blood would then turn as he looked over Pete and hummed and pat him on the back. "Ah come now pal, look, here's a favorite tune of mine that you can join in on." He said smiling, pounding on the railing with his fist in a drum like fashion, it was tribal by nature, Gnoll tribe as he would be barking out a song/chant that went along with it, waiting for Pete to join in.

Pete listens for a few bars, nodding as he listens to the beat, then starts playing his pipes.


5/11/2018 2:32 pm  #234

Re: Port Claw Ridge

WoodrowLand wrote:

Harold would hum a bit and said "I recon there have been some nice times yes." He said trailing off, and said "Well...I could always take me trade on the seas, and I'm sure the Mrs. won't mind as well, though she'll be joining in as well. Though I don't know jus what business she has here." He said shrugging. "But...I can't just up and leave me business jus yet." He said looking over Seabeard. "Tell ya wha Lad, I need some food from Paradise Island, in the Paradise Nation, don' ask about the name fer I don't know much meself. But I hear that food can force the truth out o' anyone. You bring me some and I can start me job on any ship ya got." He said.

"Paradise Isle in Paradise Nation ye say? I bet ye the food be named 'Paradise' sommat 's'well." Seabeard ponders. "Ye intend te feed it te that wife o' yers, no? Ye sure ye really want te know te truth, lad?"

The halfling barkeep reappears, clearly wearing a different fake beard than he had been earlier. This one would perhaps be more convincing to un-dwarven eyes, as it appears to be real dwarven beard-hair, but any dwarf would immediately recognize its texture and styling as being the beard of an adolescent female. 

He slides Seabeard a small pewter platter with a slip of paper, an anvil-shaped inkwell, and a quill on it. The slip of paper reads:

Seabeard sighs and stacks 15 more gold coins on the platter, and begins to stand off his stool. 

"I'll tell the Cap'n, but I know not our next destination meself, savvy?" He sees the look on Harold's face. "We'll get it, don't you worry, ey just cannae promise it'll be te Cap'n's first priority. Ye cen come talk wit him yerself if'n ye'd like te." 

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5/12/2018 11:40 am  #235

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Orlando would look over to Rosé and Onyx as they made their way in as he held up a hand and said "Please, the name is Orlando, no need for such formalities." He said with a smile. Orlando then looked over to Lilly and would nod. "Of course, but first." He would pick up Traver once she told him the last thing he'd hear from Lilly before tossing him to some pirates who were smirking and ready with daggers, dragging him out as Tavern kicked and yelled. Orlando than turned to the two ladies in front of him. "Sorry for the...rather unpleasant display, but I try my best to distant myself from the Highlander Federation as much as possible, some however wish to rub it in though." He said.

The Goblin would look up to Daran and said "Ah no problem friend, always happy to help a customer. So this here pan flute eh?" He asked as he smiled. "Ordinarily I'd ask for 25 Gold, but for you, I can cut ya a deal, how does 15 sound?" He asked.

Blood would keep up the beat as he smiled, Pete wasn't bad with the bagpipes, he just needs to not play them as loud as possible, especially when folks have sensitive hearing, but this was something Blood himself could get use to as he kept up with the singing as well.

Harold would pay for the rest as well as he smiled. "Ay, thank ya lad. And don't worry, time is something I got, I'm only just pushing 500, an' both elves and dwarves are known for their long lives." He said chuckling. "An' yea, I've been tryin' to find out the truth for a time now, whether it's what i'm lookin' for or the opposite, it's somethin' I need ta know, ya know?" He asked with a smile and patted his back. "Thank ya Seabeard." He said. = Frances De'Shalas
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5/12/2018 11:49 am  #236

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Also till orlando is ready to talk.
"Hello my darling baby onyx are you enjoying the day with mommy rose."ill make you a special meal later would you like that"


5/12/2018 12:26 pm  #237

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Rosé smiled sweetly.

"A pleasure to meet you sir. You'll be glad to hear our crew took down a Highlander vessel just the other day, then. Rescued this sweet boy from it as well." She pats Onyx on the head.


5/12/2018 6:17 pm  #238

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Pete finishes the song.  "Aht's not bad Capn'.  Almost as good as me own music."


5/13/2018 10:52 am  #239

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Sophia taps her chin. "I mean, how much of a problem is it really? I know plenty of stories, and any really successful big adventure style thing has the hero have a rival for the same goal, where they drive each other forward through competing, right?" The seal looks at her drinking partner rather unconcerned. "Nothing wrong with being friends and also on rival crews. Just means that between jockeying for position, you can go get drinks."


5/14/2018 11:55 am  #240

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Onyx would be chirping quietly as he rubbed his head on Lilly's head and gave her a smile.

Orlando would nod and said "I'm glad to see that you were able to aid the young dragon here. Though it is concerning that the Highlanders are starting to try and weaponizing dragons, that can only mean their getting desperate for some reason or another." He said.

Blood would chuckle and said "Thank you, Pete. That was a good performance if I do say so myself." He said motioning to Pete's bagpipes.

Cleo would blink and then gave out a chuckle and pat Sophia's shoulder. "Ah deary, I'm afraid the world doesn't work like that. You yourself, I like you. Nothing wrong with that I will agree, but 'Blood' though, I do still have a few scores to settle with." She said with a devious smirk. "And I'll let you in on a little secret, the heart of Uzu is worth the hunt." She said chuckling and finishing her drink and patting Sophia. "I'll chat with you later." She said. = Frances De'Shalas
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