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4/15/2018 8:00 pm  #11

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Elanna bites her lip, resisting the urge to make known her own beliefs. Those aside, Revius does have a good point about the man's credentials. After a moment she thinks of a compromise and asks carefully, "Surely there is another way for him to prove his ability? It would..." She pauses diplomatically, "Behoove us, I think, to not make enemies of the Grigori. Indeed, we have enough foes as it is."

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4/16/2018 1:56 pm  #12

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

The merchant smiled at Bekkah, "For you my lady, a mere 15 gold, finest in my collection worthy of one such as yourself."


The Confessor doesn't seem terribly swayed by either Syndari or Elanna's argument, and Syndari receives a particularly nasty glare from him.

However before he can speak up, the other Paladin next to Revius spoke up. "It does sound like an oversight, Sir"

Revius finally spoke. "I remember the Ordo Medicus. I remember the Patrians they patched up ready to fight mere days after we put them there. That being said, the Grigori are many things, cowards, and contrarians, but I haven't known them to be charlatans. If anything he's more dangerous outside the city than within so long as we keep our eyes on him."

The Confessor looked even more angry for a moment, before he calmed himself and the smirk returned to his face.

"That as it may be, Captain, but the Grigori are also apostates, and blasphemy is the domain of church law. He must still be charged for that offense."

At this the other Paladin spoke up again. "Not in Torpala, Confessor Gaius, military encampments operate under martial law, Captain Revius has full authority so long as it concerns defense."

Gaius's smirk soured once more as Revius nodded. "Excellent point Sir Rossier. Very well, Warden, let him through, Elanna, Rossier? accompany him to the Infirmary, so long as he stays in Torpala, our troops will take priority. I trust that will be acceptable, Medicus?"

The Medicus, suppressing a smirk of his own at the Confessor's expense, nodded as he collected his pack. "Of course Sir. More than fair."

The delegation began to move through into the camp itself, with the other merchants, including the elf and the sister, moving through with only a light inspection. The Medicus noticed looking back that the sister practically carried the same wares as he had, but held his tongue as she was waved through with only a glance at her symbol of Sirona.

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Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Bekkah pouted a bit.

"I think that's a bit rich for me, but it is a lovely piece. Is there anything you can do?"

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Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Kirnan falls in step beside the alchemist.  "Locals not too find of Grigori are they, Medicus?"


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Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Elanna smirks at Rossier's retort, then nods, salutes, and says, "Of course, sir. Off we go." She hurries the medicus off, away from Gaius's fanatical eye and towards the tent where the injured lay.

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4/16/2018 9:48 pm  #16

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

John watched the altercation from afar, and sees them pass on towards the camp. Still uncertain of where the tournament participants assemble, he musters his most dazzling smile (it's not that dazzling; years of life at sea will do that to teeth) and hikes on up to the fearsome warden who inspects the credentials of the merchants and visitors:

"Um, excuse me. Where would one find the champions' quarters? I believe I need to make my preparations for the start of the tournament."



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Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

The Merchant considered Bekkah's request entirely based on economic factors and not at all based on the merits of making a woman in revealing clothing happy. After a moment, he decided. "I can bring it down to 12 gold at most. Alternatively I could also offer you this lovely piece?" he selected a pendent with a single larger white pearl at the end surrounded by beads of coral. "I can part with this one for only 10 if you prefer?"


Kirnan caught up with the medicus flanked by Elanna and Rossier. He looked somewhat surprised to be approached by a stranger, but calmed as he was given the opportunity to vent a bit. "Hmm, it is certainly a change from the Freeholds to be sure. I've dealt with irate deists before in my time, but to be threatened with corporal punishment just for trying to heal the sick." he scoffed as he shook his head "Can't say that I intend to stay long. Once I fulfill this request for the good captain and collect my samples its back to Midgar for me. Already taking enough of a risk crossing the Sparklands in Summer as it is."

Sir Rossier meanwhile gave Kirnan a glance as he approached, taking note of his bow. "Are you a Sellsword for the Tournament then? You and your partner will want the Amphitheater back there." he pointed at a semi-circle of Wooden stands surrounding a dirt circle, at the front of which a tent had been set up. "Mind the locals though, they're in a 'competitive spirit' today." he continued to lead the Medicus on to the Infirmary, which while busy, seemed to mostly only be dealing with training accidents from the competitors.


John was given an annoyed look from the gatewarden before being pointed to the same Amphitheater as Kirnan had been. "After you get you and your partner's name down for the competition you can find your quarters at whatever spot of dirt hasn't already been taken. I'd hurry, they're going fast."


As the delegation was let through, Revius was greeted by a waiting soldier with a salute and a note. A quick scan of the document led to Revius dismounting from his horse and following the soldier. He turned back to Syndari. "Ah, apologies Ma'am," he said curtly "I'm afraid I'm needed by the Commandant before the tournament begins in earnest. Perhaps the Confessor could be of service?..." he trailed off as he noticed Gaius pointedly coughing. "Or I can just leave you with my squire Korinna if you'd prefer?" One of the other members of the delegation, an older teenaged girl somewhat too tall and gangly for her own good snapped back to reality as she heard her name, and threw together a salute followed by a "Sir!", the shield she had been adjusting hanging limply on her other arm by a loose strap.

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4/17/2018 12:43 am  #18

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

"Why thank you, so kind.  But I'm where I need to be right now."  Kirnan turns back to the Medicus.  "Well, if you want an escort my prices are very reasonable, assuming I don't die in the tournament."


4/17/2018 9:47 am  #19

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Syndari nods, smile on her face even as Gaius coughs.
"Indeed, Korinna would be fine since Confessor Gaius seems to have his own business to attend to*.  Though it is a pity, I was hoping to discuss theology and doctrine with a fellow holy man, even if our patrons are different."
She bows to both Revius and Gaius, before making her way over to Korinna.
"A pleasure to meet you, Korinna."

 *or a diplomatic method of saying Gaius takes personal offense at her existence.

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4/17/2018 10:42 am  #20

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Bekkah pouted some more.

"Perhaps I'll come back once I've won the tournament, I should have plenty to spend then. Speaking of, do you happen to know which way the staging grounds are?"


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