Sigil Prep class of 5e

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2/17/2018 7:39 pm  #181

Re: Beginnings Festival

With a nod, Lorenzo follows, taking up anything people feel like having him carry on the way.


2/17/2018 9:15 pm  #182

Re: Beginnings Festival

((Assuming this thread is closed? Make any final posts by Sunday night, or I'm locking it up.))

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2/18/2018 1:23 am  #183

Re: Beginnings Festival

"That looks fun, let me try!" Getting excited and riled up Doen's claws grow out just enough to help her climb and mimics Hano's actions. Its really only something she can only do once without resting, but it looked so much fun. After which she also follows the others into the dorms.

(Using shifting for this (which, yes, I know to be inane), which as a cliffwalker gives Doen a climb speed. Hopefully there won't be combat today.


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