Sigil Prep class of 5e

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2/14/2018 6:48 pm  #11

Re: Beginnings Festival

"A doppelganger is... eh, never mind." The kid goes back to their car, casting an eye toward an elf girl in the distance and running the car directly toward her such that she jumps back and bumps a human guy walking in the other direction.

The drow cheerleader hands a flyer to Makiharra. "Beginnings 5," she says, and that same phrase is repeated on the flyer. "Cheerleader Tryouts, Beginnings 5, 3 PM" The Drow continues, dropping a flyer off to Marty. As she walks off, the car-racer says, "I think you might have a chance. Maddie didn't laugh when she gave it to you."

At the registration booths, another, different Drow girl flips through some packets in front of her. "Rae Quetzali... Here you go." She hands Rae a packet. "If you aren't completely registered, you'll need to get a faculty member to sign off on any classes you add. I'd suggest avoiding an LG professor, because they almost certainly won't sign off on classes they don't actually teach."

One booth over, an elf girl in a tight sweater blows a bubble with some gum, lets it pop, and hands Doen a pencil. "So, like, um, hi. Are you already registered and whatever, or do you need to sign up for classes and junk?"



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Re: Beginnings Festival

Silgon slips the coupon into a vest pocket, and continues to wander the area.


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Re: Beginnings Festival

A few passersby stop and applaud as Frances plays, and a couple join in on flute and handheld percussion.

Meanwhile, a tiny gnome girl rushes over to 001. "Oh my gosh, you are magnificent! Can I touch you, can I... Hi, I'm Gear, what's your name, oh my gods... can I take you apart? Just a little bit?"

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Re: Beginnings Festival

The squirrel woman is snapped out from taking in the views as she turns to address the elf girl at the registration counter. "Oh! Yea! My name is Doen Greener and I need to register. Sorry this whole place is just so amazing ya know! I never seen anything like most of the things here! What's your name?"


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Re: Beginnings Festival

"I'm really sorry."  Marty tells the... boy?  Odd that she couldn't tell for sure.  Maybe she should take her ques from him..err.her.. them?  "I grew up on a farm, about three wilderness hexes past the end of nowhere.  Everything here is new to me."  She giggled at the returned expression, though she couldn't tell if it was one of interest or confusion or sympathy or what.  Only that it was different from the expression on the person's face a moment earlier.

"Mortals!"  She exclaimed.  An expression common to her land that was short for Immortal's curse, though she didn't realize it might not be used everywhere.  "You almost hit that girl!  On purpose!"  She gave him a disapproving glare out the side of her eye, which she had no idea was at all flirty.  "You're so bad!"  she giggled again, because a good prank was always funny.

"Oh!  Listen to that guy!"  She stared with rapt attention to the violin solo.  "We have fiddles back home, but no one ever played them like that!"  She clapped delightedly when the song ended.

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Re: Beginnings Festival

Unit takes a step back from the gnome, unsure if she meant to stop or simply crash into him like the bumbling beast she resembled.  "Do not...!  Please, keep your distance.  I will not allow an organic to lay hands on me, much less dismantle me, any more than you would let someone cut into you and start pulling things out."


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Re: Beginnings Festival

Silgon notices the line of students and goes to the m-z line to register.


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Re: Beginnings Festival

Makiharra sees this metal man and begins to inspect him with almost a hungry predatory look.disecting him with her eyes. She walks to him and in her best attempt to say hi spouts."hello is that armor or is that your body".i also need to locate a course registry mayhaps you will help.

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Re: Beginnings Festival

Rae shakes her head as she looks through the packets.  "Avast! I had help registering from a seadog in Capt Storm's fleet who's an old salt at this sort of thing.  I'm just looking fer my cabin so I can drop my duffle." She toes the treasure chest at her feet.
"503."  She says, "Can ye help me plot a course fer... Azer Hall?"

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2/14/2018 7:29 pm  #20

Re: Beginnings Festival

Unit looks this strange, pale...elf? over before replying.  "It is both.  When a warforged wears armor it becomes part of him."  He finds her awe of him fitting and appropriate.  "I am Unit001, who are you?"


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