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Re: Beginnings Festival

After Frances was done playing he took a bow and said to everyone. "Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves." And he then turned to the people who joined him in the act and said "And my thanks to all of you, it was a pleasure to play with all of you."

This was great, Frances loved being around people and enjoyed the positive energy that he felt from folks. He said bye one more time as he walked over to the registry tents, to 'D' as he walked in. "Excuse me, hello. Frances De'Shalas." He said doing a small bow. = Frances De'Shalas
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Re: Beginnings Festival

The elf nods at Doen and says, "Oh, like I'm Mialee, it's totally nice to meet you. So here's your packet and whatever. So, any classes you didn't preregister for you're going to have to get a professor to sign off on. totally do not go to a Chaotic Evil prof. They will not even evaluate whether you need a class for your major, and you just end up wasting credit hours, y'know?"

Gear scratches her chin. "I hadn't thought about that, seeing as how you could go back together so easy... WITH ENHANCEMENTS! I... but yeah. I see your point." Her eyes are filled with eager desire.

Silgon is handed a packet by the Drow, much as those in front of him had been, even as the Drow answers the bird-pirate woman's question. "Sure. I have a campus map here," she flips it open handily, almost as familiar with it as if she'd drafted it. "Azer is right here, in the Black Campus area. 503? You'll be on Neil's floor. He's great."

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Re: Beginnings Festival

"De'Shalas, De'... wait," the elf says. "Does that have an apostrophe in it?" She points two tents over.

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Re: Beginnings Festival

I am makiharra outfitter to my people given a chance to learn and to smith. I am much to excited by these "Drakemen" zendikar did not have beings such as you or the drake men.or these black elves.


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Re: Beginnings Festival

Frances nodded and said "Why yes it does. My apologize, though I am surprised as to how detailed everything is here." He said, he would wait for a response for a second from her, however if there wasn't one he would head over to the tent with the apostrophes.

When he got there he said "Hello, Frances De'Shalas, I'm here to register." He said doing a bow greeting again.

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Re: Beginnings Festival

A tall young man with orange skin, short pointed ears, and dark hair organized into a single braid running alongside the left side of his brow stands in the middle of the festivities with a pensive look on his face. It's mostly just an attempt to play cool while dealing with the fact that not only is this the most people he's ever seen in civilian life, but that they're all engaging in the most diverse and ridiculous activities he's ever seen. The warrior contest of athletic skill involving vaulting the drum was roughly analogous to something Doraad had seen in the army. But the water tank with the merfolk? The fanciful juggling contests? The abundance of merchants in a scale never seen outside of the Bloody Market? The... tiny construct nipping at the heels off his feet?


Correction: that had smacked into his feet, before driving off and leaving his right foot smarting? All new. At least the music was familiar. That was probably the closest thing to how things were back home. Not that any of these flute players knew anything particularly complex. Although...

Doraad turned his head towards an area where a small group was forming around a group of musicians. He snapped himself back to reality and marched over to get a closer look and a better feel for the music. From the new vantage point he listened for a little while before noticing that it seemed like several of the musicians were following the lead of a single figure. Some kind of masked person playing a small stringed instrument. Probably worth checking out in the future if she started a band or something.

With the end of the music it was time to focus on more practical matters, Doraad turned back to the registration tents and asked around concerning the location of his dorm room. Fortunately he'd managed to get registration done in advance since he'd heard how much of a nightmare that could be. But housing was apparently its own dread and arcane thing here - so better to take advantage of the services here to figure out the room location than go and try to bug the housing advisor.

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Re: Beginnings Festival

DM Swift wrote:

Gear scratches her chin. "I hadn't thought about that, seeing as how you could go back together so easy... WITH ENHANCEMENTS! I... but yeah. I see your point." Her eyes are filled with eager desire.

"Thank you for understanding.  Perhaps you should seek out my sister."

Sarielvailo wrote:

I am makiharra outfitter to my people given a chance to learn and to smith. I am much to excited by these "Drakemen" zendikar did not have beings such as you or the drake men.or these black elves.

"On my world they are called drow.  No, my kind was conceived solely on the world of Eberron, to the best of my knowledge."


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Re: Beginnings Festival

"RC," the kid beside Marty says. They wear a baggy sweatshirt and a knit cap that covers their hair. "Yeah, I guess I'm overdoing it. I just thought they'd be cute together, so I'm arranging a meet cute."

"No problem," the elf girl says before Frances reaches the other tent, where a golden-haired human woman in gleaming armor, wearing a holy symbol in the shape of a slighty curved checkmark greets him. "Good victory," she says. "Welcome to Sigil Prep, and may this be the first of your many victorious moments here."

As Doraad gets his packet as well, a metallic man in a soiled sweatshirt approaches, a nail clenched between his rusted metal jaw like a toothpick, and the school's logo on the front. "Hobgoblin, huh? What're you, fighter major? Barbarian? We got a couple openin's on the defensive line, could use a smart, aggressive guy like you. Not like I'm racial profilin' or nothin'."

Gear's eyes light up. "Sister? Wow... how does... siblings work in a manufactured race?"

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Re: Beginnings Festival

There were more than a few parents waiting alongside their children in the late registration lines, even several notable oddities (mostly from the monster college) But something about the two fiends in the A-L line was unsettling. Not the daughter certainly, sure it wasn't ever day you saw a cheery tiefling in a cardigan sweater-vest, but once you got past that contradiction, she just seemed as excited as every other student in line.
But the father. Maybe it was the suit, virtually nobody else dressed so formally for a college welcome festival, maybe it was the staff he carried, a rather bulky thing embedded with no less than 16 paladin skulls. (And somehow you could just tell that they were paladin skulls, not necessarily by sight, but the feeling of righteousness turned to despair seemed to emanate out of them.) But most likely it was just the palpable disdain that he was emanating towards anything and everything in the line of sight of his hateful brown eyes.

The daughter seemed entirely unaware of this, even after a pair of upperclassmen boys playing Frisbee paused a few moments from their game to give her a look over. It wasn't entirely clear whether the glare the father directed towards them was infused with actual fear magic or simply the wrath of an overprotective father, but either way it quickly sent them scampering away.

"Detestable worms..." the devil hissed to himself.

"Did you say something, Daddy?" the tiefling asked, her own, notably hate-lacking, brown eyes looking up at him.

"It's nothing to worry about sugarsoul." he responded sweetly, but the strain was notable on his face. "Are you sure about this though? It really is not too late to change your mind. Say the word and you're off to Msydemn Wordtwister's Finishing School. Top notch Asmodean clerical program over there, nowhere better for learning how to scheme and subjugate the free, and all your friends will be there. Doesn't that sound better than... this?" he gestured about at the festival.

The tiefling fidgeted slightly, "I, I know Daddy. But, this is my chance to see something, be somewhere, MWFS is only three layers away, you go further than that on business. And besides, Wordtwister girls always have their noses in the air, they've all been in school together since they crawled out of the lakes of fire and I don't think they'll be interested in being friends with me."

The devil smiled sadly "You really have made up your mind about this, haven't you?"

She nodded. "It'll be alright, Daddy. We can scry every week. And you know what they say about Sigil. It's the City of Doors, I'll only be one portal away."

The devil frowned "Of course, I do have to say though, Sigil just isn't my kind of town. I'm afraid I still can't get over those Vrocks we saw on our way over them. Tanar'ri of all things! Absolutely disgusting."

The two of them quickly made the sign of Asmodeus, their arms crossed in a V over their chest followed by their left hands, both an identical blue shade, pressed upon their collarbones. (Mimicking the symbol of the Lord of the Ninth.)

"And besides, I'm not quite sure they like me here for some reason..."

"Jennifer Chalmo?" the young man at the table asked as he read from the list.

"It's 'Chamo' you spawn of asses and ingrates!" the fiend spat with such bile that the table itself seemed to melt from it. "Be warned that butchering the name of the Legate of Phlegethos and his family again will lead to a punishment so sadistic and so protracted that all the lowliest of lemures in all the nine Hells over will sing praises for their torment for being spared from a fate such as yours!"

Jennifer ignored her father's outburst and skipped up to the whimpering student volunteer.

"Hi! I think we mostly finished with everything before we got here, we're just trying to figure out my housing assignment. We registered a little late, and the housing department didn't respond to any of our messenger imps. Is everything going to be alright? My dad said that I could get housing off-campus but I really wanted to at least try the whole dorm experience beforehand, you know?" 

The volunteer was shaking as he tried to read what remained of the smoking forms. "Of-of c-course Ms. Ch-'Chamo'!" he nearly choked making sure he pronounced the name as perfectly as he could. "I think, if I'm reading this correctly, you're in Azer hall room 511? It's the smaller one on the black campus."

"Very well then" Duke Chamo muttered, still glaring at the hapless volunteer. "I'll go and have the Cornugons take your things up. You're sure you'll be okay for tonight? I'll be here until tomorrow morning and the Merry Unicorn suite has an extra room. You're welcome to stay there tonight."

"I'll be fine Daddy."

"Very well then, have fun sugarsoul" the two hugged before Jennifer skipped off to enjoy the rest of the festival.


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Re: Beginnings Festival

Facinating a world of people like your self. Unit001 might you aid me in finding The course selecting tent as well as the information tent,Also tell me of these drake men.


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