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5/13/2018 4:00 pm  #191

Re: The coffee shop date

Considering how well Lorenzo goes into a swimmers dive, you would think they practiced this.  Well, until Lorenzo rises up from the water at waist height, flipping his brother off.
"What, not even over the house this time?  Getting a bit too weak for the real throws, Leo?"
With a chuckle and a head start, he quickly turns tail and swims for more open water.

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5/13/2018 9:54 pm  #192

Re: The coffee shop date

Maki will look to frances "Did you have any siblings,growing up?"


5/14/2018 11:42 am  #193

Re: The coffee shop date

Frances would nod and said "Yea, I've got two sister and two brothers. I'm the youngest of the group." He admitted. = Frances De'Shalas
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5/14/2018 11:44 am  #194

Re: The coffee shop date

"Im happy that you had a lot of family" smiles and gives up her wrestling career


5/14/2018 1:49 pm  #195

Re: The coffee shop date

Saccha admires a very wet lorenzo, gently biting her lip, tail wagging a bit. 


5/14/2018 3:56 pm  #196

Re: The coffee shop date

Leo runs and dives in the water, chasing Lorenzo."You don't get off that easy after four years!"


5/14/2018 4:31 pm  #197

Re: The coffee shop date

"Get real, only you could confuse two days for four years!"
Lorenzo laughs harder as he keeps going, jumping out of the water now and then and sprinting across swampland before diving back in, kicking up muck and silt as he does so to cloud the waters in front of Leo as he hunts. 


5/14/2018 7:46 pm  #198

Re: The coffee shop date

Urge to skinnydip rising it can be seen in her posture begining to look less ladylike.


5/14/2018 8:44 pm  #199

Re: The coffee shop date

It took a moment or two before a a small pin multicolored dart cannonballs into the water, intending to splash them both, but she kind of goes under with more of a "ploop!" sort of a sound, before starting to swim


5/14/2018 8:59 pm  #200

Re: The coffee shop date

After a grab and fling from Leo, Lorenzo careens towards a spot near Saccha, tossing up an anaconda that seems to have had it's head bit off towards the group as he is skipped across the water and onto shore upside down.  Though he's quick to join Saccha in the water again, swimming underneath and glancing up at her while Leo has to make his way over, then with a head nudge towards his back.

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