Sigil Prep class of 5e

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Rae enters Azer Hall on the ground floor.  For her, that's saying something.  She stops at the desk, shows her registration paperwork and receives her key to her room. Then she picked up her chest and began lugging it up the stairs.  "Now I be knowin' what dirtkickers be feelin' like," she mutters to herself.

She passed a few very big horned creatures with heavy leathery wings.  Well, Angrath said there'd be lots of very strange beings out in the planes, and in Sigil in particular.  She greeted them with a hearty "Ahoy", and commiserated with them about the need to be walking in the tiny stairwell, when they could be flying. Neither one deigned to reply to her, but as she pushed herself against the wall to let them go by, one of them licked its lips at her.  Thankfully, it decided not to eat her. 

She enters the fifth floor from the stairwell, and walks over to door 503.  There seemed to be lots of people about. She notices a note taped to the door with her name on it. Setting down her chest, she takes the note, unfolds it, and mutters, "Sink me..."

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Uhm furry one what of registration she says while tinkering.


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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

(Will respond to Frances when he's absolutely out of the other thread)

Rae reads: "Dear Ms. Quetzali, We regret to inform you that the textbook for Tactical Warfare between Airships- an Introduction is out of stock. We have put a lead out and believe we have located a copy at the student bookstore at Tier Breche in Menzoberrenzen, and have taken the opportunity to put it on hold for you.
Thank you, the staff at Oghma's Student Bookstore"

In the lounge, the bugbear takes a long swallow of the drink he's procured, then belches. "Yeah, I should get down there. I figger five years is long enough to sit on a undecided major. I should probably pick somethin'."

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Silgon is impressed with the size of the room, even if it is ment for 2. He will pick the left side of the room and unpack his clothes. Drop his pack in the closet. And head out to walk the floor. He has his sword near his side as usual and shurikens hidden in his vest. He wants to meet and greet other students.


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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Rae shouts out in the hall, "Ahoy, mateys?  Anyone know how t' navigate t' Menzza Baran Zan? I have t' get t'the bookstore there for one of me course books."

She unlocks the door so she can stow her chest, even as she keeps her head kind of in the hall.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Marty clomped loudly but not awkwardly up the steps, avoiding hazards like diabolic fiends and fellow students carrying boxes up to their rooms.  Once on the fifth floor she rolled swiftly up to the door for 507 and tried the knob.

"Locked."  She decided after a moment's effort.  "of course."  She had a key... somewhere.  She probably left it inside the room.  She shrugged and pulled a tiny kit from somewhere about her person, and after fiddling for barely longer than it took to use a key she felt a satisfying click and let herself in.

Inside she witnessed what looked like a battle scene or maybe a construction site, or perhaps the aftermath of a tiny yet formidable force of nature.  "Don't skate into the hole."  She told herself aloud as she skated around an area of ruined tile flooring.  "This had better not come out of my deposit!'  In fact, unless he wanted to share half the bill, she'd better report it.

She spotted her key where she'd left it, on her desk, under a layer of cement dust and construction debris that wasn't there earlier.  She snagged it and rolled back into the hall, swaying to maintain speed as she headed for the RA's room.

She grinned and waved at Rae as she passed, but didn't know the way to whereever it was she as asking about, so just shrugged and shook her head.  "Sorry, no."

Stopping on a silver, she paused before knocking.  It wouldn't do to get a rep as a snitch or a whiner, but... there was a giant hole in her room!  And she wasn't going to pay for the repairs!  She knocked.  "Hey!"  She called through the door.  "Anyone home"

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

As Marty rolls by Rae smiles. "Ahoy, Marty. Looks like we be crewmates!"

When Marty says she doesn't know the way, Rae nods. "Arr, that be all right. I'm sure someone can plot me a course"

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

While maki is tinkering with a weapon design she asks the fuzzy one when,3pm is also what this chearleading is?

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Unit stomps up the stairs, making sure to have an appropriately ominous entrance.  Arriving on the 5th floor, he imperiously ignores anyone in the lobby area, until he sees a particularly filthy bugbear.  All dignity destroyed, Unit hurls himself against the opposite wall.  He could practically see the filth wafting off this...thing.  He was struck with the urge to begin a charity dedicated to restraining and forcibly cleaning it, but then it's refuse would be in the water supply.  There was no recourse, it would need to be burned.  Edging past, he reaches room 504 and opens the door.  "...the horror..."

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

The dragonborn steps out of his room to see a woman rollerskate by in one direction, while a man made of woodpulp and steel backs away from another.

Said living construct opens the door to his room to find one side of the room fairly immaculate. The other is practically covered in dirty underpants, empty snack food bags, open pizza boxes, crushed beer cans, crumbs, socks, and the inevitable organic build-up that would grow from such a thing.
Also goblinoid porn magazines, the less said about the better.

The door to the RA's office opens as Marty knocks, and the door is filled with a face. A bobbing, green face with a single massive eye in the center, a tremendous, toothy mouth beneath is, and a gigantic Sigil Prep baseball cap to top it off. The five foot head hovers above the floor with no body at all, drool dripping from the areas where the teeth extend beyond the lips.
It speaks and the voice is surprisingly high-pitched, a bit raspy, and oddly nasal for something that has no visible nose. "Well, hi! You must be one of new students, I'm Neil. I'll be your RA and it's a pleasure to meet'cha! What can I do for ya, pal?"

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