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2/15/2018 4:27 pm  #21

Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Marty took a step back, and nearly fell on her pert derriere when her skates rolled out from under her.  "A beholder!"  She blurted, heart racing both from surprise and the effort it took to remain standing.  But he seemed nice enough, wasn't shooting death rays, and was obviously chock full of school spirit, with that cap and all.  She kept a hand near the hilt of her rapier, just in case.

"Uh, hi."  She finally managed after recovering her balance.  "I wanted to report.. well, there's this big hole in the floor in my room.  I just want to make sure repairs don't come out of my deposit."  Even to her, she sounded like a whiney snitch.  God, was she going to be that girl?  She hoped not.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

“Hiya, I’m Jennifer!” Jennifer smiled at the halfling as she entered the room with her things. A halfling roommate, that was exciting. She didn’t know a lot about halflings, they weren’t exactly common in Hell, even as petitioners, and her tutors hadn’t talked about many significant events involving them in the multiverse. But they’d always looked so cute in her childhood picture books, happy little farmers, toiling graciously under the lash alongside all the other mortal races for the glory of the Hells’ fateful subjugation of the multiverse.

That was all long-term stuff though. For now she was sure the two of them would be able to be good friends.

But right now, this room desperately needed some sprucing up. First things first, she retrieved two things from her box. The first was a large plush feline animal, a Bezekira, or Hellcat, to be precise, which she tenderly placed on her bed. The second was a large Vellum poster, which she unfurled above her bed, revealing an ensemble shot of several characters. In the center was an Erinyes looking up, with what could be read as either yearning or a brain dead stare, at a generically attractive human in sparkling armor that was holding her protectively. Around them were a host of similarly generic looking armored humans, as well as what looked like a couple of elves in stereotypical ranger gear. Across the top of the poster was a large logo proclaiming it ‘Dawn Knight: Half past 2 PM’

Jennifer adjusted it slightly on the wall,looking back at the halfling. “Sorry but does this look straight to you?”

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

"Oh, geez, golly," Neil says, then bobs out the door and to Marty's room. "Yeah, that's a hold, all right. Ohhhhh, you must be rooming with the tinker gnome."

The halfling looks at Jennifer, then watches in puzzlement as she hangs the poster. She says something in a language that doesn't quite match anything Jennifer has heard, then points to herself and says, "Chi-Chi."

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

The backside of a beholder was grotesque, but not at bad as the other side, what with the teeth, and the drool, and all the eyes.  The eyes on this side seemed almost friendly when compared to the monstrous central orb.

She skated along behind the rushing RA, pausing in the hallway when he stopped and looked over the damage.  "I don't really know?"  She replied.  "II haven't met her, but her name is Gear from the paperwork I have. I guess that sounds tinkerish." 

Peeking past the five-foot animated orb was an exercise in futility, she she didn't even try.  "Oh hey!  You seem to be worldly sort."  She blurted in sudden inspiration.  "Do you know the quickest way to, uh.."  She thought a second about the pronunciation, and how to reverse the pirate out of how she heard it, and finally gave up and just said it how she remembered hearing it.  "..Menzza Baran Zan?"  She asked hopefully.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

“Oh, sorry what was that?” Jennifer asked as she strained to keep the poster unfurled while trying to understand what language the halfling was speaking in.

“You’re Chi-Chi? That’s your name?” her arms were getting a little tired, and the poster was starting to sag in the center, she gently tried to nudge it back into place with her horn. “I’m sorry. Do you think you could just take this end here?” She nodded towards one side of the poster that was starting to slide down, looking at Chi-Chi hopefully.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Neil spun about, like a globe with a monster face. "Menzoberrenzen? Yeah, that's one of the big Drow cities on Faerun. Actually, I think one of our first football games is against them this season."

Inside Jennifer's room, Chi-Chi continues to look at the tiefling with a curious look. She seems to parse what Jennifer wants, though, and puts her hand on the poster. "Chi-Chi," she says again, pointing her herself with her other hand.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

"Got it."  She replied as politely as she could while fighting her desire to run away in terror.  "Drow, Faerûn."  Neither word meant anything to her, but at least they were easy to pronounce. 

"So, about that hole in the floor?  No deductions from my deposit right?"  She knew exactly where every pence of her budget went, and where they came from.  And she hoped to pay back her brother Jared before he found out how much he'd lent her.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Rae looks at the warforged as it opened the door to the room next to hers.  "Ahoy!" She said cheerfully.  "Ye look like ye sailed right out of Orazca."

As the dragonborn walks back into the Hall she says, "ahoy, matey! Do either of you know anything about Menzobair Anzan?"

When the RA floats down the hall, Rae is at a loss for words for the first time, even with all she's seen.  She's not afraid, yet...but she steps deeper into her doorway to make room for the monstrous creature.

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2/15/2018 6:34 pm  #29

Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Unit begins carefully pushing trash as far onto Burvik's side as possible, thanking the Traveler he'd had the foresight to learn how to do this without using up his psionic reserves.  The bed gets the biggest heap, piling it high one pizza box at a time.  "How does...even for organics this is...Ugh!  This is unconscionable!"


2/15/2018 6:38 pm  #30

Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Silgon moves closer to the wall, keeping an eye on the large Beholder.  Glancing back at the pirate bird girl, as she ask question.  Silgon says...  I think HE just said something about that city. Pointing at the Beholder.


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