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2/16/2018 3:25 pm  #41

Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

Wow.. three hours in college.. and already going on a road trip. Interesting...Says... Silgon.

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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

"Aye, right, you tumbled my chant" Spin says, "it might take a jig to catch a skeg with the right wagger to scan the portal's lay. But I know some cutters with the worms to suss it."
"Or," Dora says, "the portal in the arena opens with your student ID. It's between the men's and women's locker rooms. You just have to name the school you're going to, because it's connected to all the Planar Division schools."


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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

I ask marty when she would be prepared to make the boots pre book run or after bpok run.


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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

"Let me think about it."  Marty answered he eager craftswoman.  "I only have the one pair, and not enough coin to throw around on untested mods."  She did like the idea though.  She liked it a lot.  "I do like the idea, can we work on it later maybe?"

She chimed in with Dora cut through the various cants and chants.  "I vote for the arena.  Again."  She offered.  "Getting enslaved doesn't fit my class schedule."

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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

"Aye, the arena be fair sailin'," Rae said, "but the cheerleader said it be used only for events. I'm set to haul wind, but if it be against the rules, I don't want you to go on account just fer me book."

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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

"Rules are for lesser beings."


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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

"Who cares?"  Marty asked bluntly.  "Anyway, it sounds like more of a guideline than a rule."

"If I can't get by someone that can't get a better job than security at a sports venue, then I deserve to get caught."  She made to kick up some speed and roll away, but abruptly stopped.

"Where's the arena?"  She asked Dora.

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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

Dora hands Marty a campus map. The journalism booth wasn't giving out maps, but Dora apparently had one on her. Then she points. "Around the Grove --not through, that'll lose you an hour or so-- and along the pathway to your left. You can't miss it. It's the biggest thing in Red Campus."

Indeed, the Arena of Kord is an impressive building. A grand stadium, and a remarkable monument to athleticism. You've gone beyond the festival area when it's in sight, and there's barely any crowd at all by this point.


2/16/2018 6:14 pm  #49

Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

Unit visibly relaxes being away from the herd.


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Re: Into the Bookstore of the Drow

While they walked to the Arena, Jennifer felt she did need to speak up. "Um... are we really sure we have to break the rules? I mean, we don't want to get off on the wrong hoof before classes even start, you know? Plus there's probably really good reasons why they don't want students using the portal. And we have a really good reason to get there so maybe it would just be better to ask a faculty member? I'm just saying that if it's for a school-related reason to get it, we can probably find someone who would be willing to let us use it."

Honestly, Jennifer was quite worried about the possibility of breaking rules. Going to a Drow city was one thing, but doing so while breaking the rules, well that was getting out there. After all, rules were what kept everything in order and kept the strong in their rightful place over the weak.

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