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2/21/2018 9:48 pm  #41

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

While Simon talks with the orcs, Hano starts walking up the road and motions for the other 3 people to follow her. As she approaches the keep, she scans the area for any dangers.

[[Passive perception: 13, +3 to perception rolls if needed]]

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2/21/2018 9:57 pm  #42

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

Doraad likewise takes the opportunity to slip away while Simon is talking. As the motley band heads over to the soda shop he attempts to pose a question to the group:

"I don't suppose anyone has a guess as to what's gone wrong here?"


2/21/2018 10:03 pm  #43

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

Simon decides to ask about that last point. "10 gold Each?"


2/21/2018 10:13 pm  #44

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

The orc seems tempted to nod, but that natural 20 Simon rolled for Persuasion tickles the front of his mind. "No. 10 gold."

Meanwhile, the group that has gone on ahead sees the keep in its awesome, if modest, glory. In front of it is a much smaller building with a large banner atop, and several tables outside.

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2/21/2018 11:00 pm  #45

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

Hano pauses for a second to drink in the sight of the keep, but then remembers the task at hand. She jogs up to the small building and calls out "Hello? Hello? I'd like to buy some soda, please!"
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2/21/2018 11:18 pm  #46

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

For the record, Plan B was helping his friends barge into the cave on the return trip, then leaving some money behind to minimize the net dickery of their actions. Instead, Simon hands over 5 gold. "Half now, half later. Thanks for putting up with us." He runs off to join the others. "Thanks for waiting, guys."

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2/21/2018 11:25 pm  #47

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

t'Nee follows Hano, traversing the distance from the cave to the keep / potential soda shop in 25 foot leaps. 

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2/21/2018 11:28 pm  #48

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

An elvish girl looks up from wiping down a table, which she seems to be doing just to look busy, as there are no customers. "Certainly," she says. "We have grape soda and ginger ale." She smiles, glances at the name of the business --Barley Brothers Cream Soda-- and continues to smile, nervously. "We're out of cream soda. Hot dogs?" she adds, helpfully.

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2/21/2018 11:43 pm  #49

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

Okay now this was starting to get suspicious. The grocery store might have had legitimate logistics problems but the soda was supposedly made right here! Why was it so hard to find this one particular soft drink? Doraad walked over to the salesgirl and asked:

"You're absolutely sure of that? The other items on offer are tempting, but we really came here for the famous cream soda." 
Doraad turns around and makes it look as though he's going to leave. Should help selling the act or reveal that the salesgirl doesn't know anything.

"Of course, if that's the case we ought to go find someone who knows where we might find it. I'm sure you won't mind as it seems to be a packed house you have here."

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2/21/2018 11:52 pm  #50

Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

"I'm sorry, sir, but Mr. Barley..."

A man barges out of the restaurant. Extremely slim and nicely dressed, he appears he might, in normal situations, be rather foppish, but here, he's got several days' stubble on his cheeks and his hair has yet to see a comb this day (week?) "Go away!" he bellows. "We're closed!" He locks the door of the shop, and stomps past the party to the keep.

"Mr. Barley hasn't been himself," the elf admits.

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