Sigil Prep class of 5e

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3/15/2018 12:04 pm  #51

Re: Master Level Divination & Discernment

"Thanks."  She found a name badge somehow affixed to the giant globular aberration.  "Nurse Pammy."  She felt tingly all over after the treatment that somehow felt more like an exam.  "And I will.  Disease is bad news.  Hey, do you like cookies?  Or lemon squares?"

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3/15/2018 1:00 pm  #52

Re: Master Level Divination & Discernment

"Oh boy, I could really go for some lemon squares right now, and a cold glass of milk. And maybe a live osquip sandwich, oh, that sounds yummy."


3/15/2018 1:05 pm  #53

Re: Master Level Divination & Discernment

"Yeah.  I don't know about the sandwich, but come over the Azre hall when your shift ends and we'll hook you up with the rest."

Offer extended, she skated over the Azre dorm and found a nice bench near the entrance.  "Square root of a modron..."  She begins to read, enjoying the air and the outdoor lighting.

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