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5/14/2018 10:13 pm  #201

Re: The coffee shop date

She sticks out her tounge at him and then leans down to bite playfully at his nos, ebfore wiggling twoard the surface


5/15/2018 12:42 am  #202

Re: The coffee shop date

Litharos turns in to a swarm of ravens and flies off searching around the swamp for anyhting that catches his eyes.


5/15/2018 4:27 am  #203

Re: The coffee shop date

He lets Saccha nip his nose, giving a grin as he plants a kiss on her lips once she pulls back before heading to the surface as well.


5/15/2018 4:14 pm  #204

Re: The coffee shop date

As the reptiles play in the water below, Litharos takes to the air, and sees the usual sights of the swamp. Snakes, large insects, a crocodile or two. A couple of ogres spying on the group from behind the trees. That sort of thing.


5/15/2018 5:30 pm  #205

Re: The coffee shop date

Jennifer was horrified, trapped within a vicious rock and a hard place where she was simultaneously trying to be responsible as a chaperone to put an end to all this nudity, but also was entirely too embarrassed by said nudity to actually do anything that involved interacting or looking at them. Somehow she needed some sort of distraction, anything to at least get them out of the water and into clothing. Considering her options she made a quick prayer.

"Dear Lord Asmodeus, I am so incredibly sorry, I tried to be a good chaperone but somehow the whole situation got away from me and now there might be all this... hanky-panky! I really need some help here so if you could help me out I would be really, really grateful. Thank you. Nos Nihil Ante Vos."

With that a chasm briefly cracked open in the earth spewing forth a gout of fire at the edge of the clearing. Jennifer knew that it was a controlled blaze, that would only burn for as long as she allowed it to, and it wasn't even terribly big, but a bit of thaumaturgy was enough to make it look big and bright. Once this was finished she called out to the swimmers in distress.

"Oh No! you guys, the swamp is on fire! We need to all get out and put on our clothes and help put it out. Otherwise just imagine the environmental devastation that could be inflicted on this delicate ecosystem that is also Lorenzo's home!"

the fire gave a thaumaturgically created roar to helpfully emphasize her point.

(That's a create Bonfire and a couple of Thaumaturgy cantrips to be perfectly clear.)


5/15/2018 6:22 pm  #206

Re: The coffee shop date

Lorenzo surges up at that, still wearing pants (though they have definitely seen better days as they seem torn up by shattered branches and rocks), and gazes about.
"Bloody Khyber, I thought you said Uncle Jeh'rry's kids weren't around, Leo!  Hang on a sec, I got it..."
With that he dives down, grabbing a tub that was half buried in the waters running through, dragging it along before standing up next to where the blaze was and pouring it directly onto the fire.  And unintentionally splashing everyone still dry, but that happens with a small tidal surge and a bathtub being used to douse a fire.
"Good eyes, Jenn.  Uncle Jeh'rry adopted a clutch of fire newts, you see.  Happens all the time.  OI, LIL' SCAMPS, WHERE ARE YA!  WE HAD THIS TALK ABOUT TENDING FIRES!"
He gives a clap, but still seems jolly.

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5/15/2018 9:47 pm  #207

Re: The coffee shop date

Litharos goes around checking the cool wildlife while still keepin a close eye on the ogres trying to see if theyre a threat..or voyeurs. 

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5/16/2018 11:32 am  #208

Re: The coffee shop date

Frances would look over the flames and then raised an eyebrow at Jennifer as he said "Rather convenient there, wouldn't you say?" He asked with a chuckle, shaking his head, but Frances would look around to see A. where Litharos was going and B. if there was anyone near by as he said "Well then, things are definetly never boring eh Makihara?" He asked resting an arm around her shoulders. = Frances De'Shalas
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5/16/2018 11:41 am  #209

Re: The coffee shop date

"It certainly was more fun than i had imagined, i thought some light dining and drinking a little dancing.poof wrestling,party swimming and beach party.with someone who can change outfits instantly. I gotta learn how they do that." She hugs him tight.


5/16/2018 4:34 pm  #210

Re: The coffee shop date

Glancing around, Frances notices some rustling in the foliage. Although he can't see what's causing it, from the air, Litharos sees one of the ogres making exaggerated sign language of hitting someone, pointing at the group of bathers, eating. The other ogre looks puzzled, clearly not following what he's trying to convey.

No little scamps respond to Lorenzo's shouting.


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