Sigil Prep class of 5e

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5/16/2018 5:02 pm  #211

Re: The coffee shop date

Saccha perks up. "Fire newts?" She was intrested to see what the little buggers looked like.. also if she could possibly make connections to hire one later when her buisness plans came to fruition


5/16/2018 5:17 pm  #212

Re: The coffee shop date

Lorenzo turns to look back at Saccha, accidentally letting some of the scraps of pants brush over a part of the plant life that was still on fire.
"Yeah, Uncle found a nest of wee youths that crossed over when the Sea of Fire was coteriminous with Eberron a few years back.  Took pity since he was pretty sure the parents ended up crossing over and into a nearby lake."
After a moment, smoke seems to begin rising from Lorenzo's pants, having already dried the scrap off, and black smoke seems to have begun to spread from them.


5/16/2018 6:18 pm  #213

Re: The coffee shop date

All of the ravens fly towards one tree above where the group is and reverts back into his human form. "Ay yo your family by Any chance friendly with ogres?...if not...ugh...just a heads up there's two ogres near by watching yall...i think they're planning an attack?" Litharos warned the party.


5/16/2018 6:24 pm  #214

Re: The coffee shop date

"Ohgres? What are ohgres?."

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5/16/2018 7:05 pm  #215

Re: The coffee shop date

Lorenzo's eyes narrow even as his pants actually catch fire.
"No, we don't have any that like coming here, Lara twisted them into pretzels practicing.  Oh, and a kind of giant, Maki, just one of the smallest."
Lorenzo draws his sword and idly moves his shield, looking around as he clears his throat and rumbles like boulders in Giantish.
<Evening!  We know you're there, come out and declare intent.  If you're here as friends, come, we will share a meal my mother makes.  If as foes, you will BE the meal my mother makes if you linger.>
(Initiative 18, intimidate 11)

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5/16/2018 7:10 pm  #216

Re: The coffee shop date

"Oooh i wonder if i can make daggers from their teeth."


5/16/2018 7:57 pm  #217

Re: The coffee shop date

The ogres enter the clearing. "You got that wrong, scaley man. It is you who will be dinner. For us!"
"Huh. Good one, Korg."


5/16/2018 8:01 pm  #218

Re: The coffee shop date

"Foes then.  Leo, you hungry or sitting this one out?"
Which leads to his eyes going to slits as he snarls at the two.
(Initiative 18, forgot the +1 from dexterity initially)

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5/16/2018 8:12 pm  #219

Re: The coffee shop date

"Dinner,fighting,dancing,this is my kind of date."
(Initiative 23)

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5/16/2018 9:33 pm  #220

Re: The coffee shop date

"Oh things about to get prickly? (13 initiative).


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