Sigil Prep class of 5e

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5/17/2018 6:46 am  #221

Re: The coffee shop date

Frances would look over to the ogers as he pulled out EC and with a ominous glow of purple of his eyes he would say "Ay, and it looks like these Ogers are wishing to dance as well, to dance with death." He said, as the ominous magic would flow through EC now as well.

[14 on initiative.] = Frances De'Shalas
[Basic songs played, for audio effect.] Music for freaking out enemy =
Music for just playing =
Music for inspiring allies =

5/17/2018 9:14 am  #222

Re: The coffee shop date

Saccha gulps and gets near lorenzo, downing a few sugary candies to give her a boost (21 init)

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5/17/2018 4:03 pm  #223

Re: The coffee shop date

23- Maki
21- Saccha
19- Jennifer
18- Lorenzo
16- Tinya
14- Frances
13- Litharos
7- ogres. Poor, poor ogres)

The ogres clutch their weapons, completely unprepared for the beating they are about to receive.

(everybody's turn)


5/17/2018 5:40 pm  #224

Re: The coffee shop date

Lorenzo glances back to Saccha, and to the ogres, sidling to keep himself between her and them fully.
"Break towards Jenn and the others when I move, I'll keep their attention.  It'll be safer over there than near me."
Once she confirms, he lets loose a bellow and charges Korg, raging and aiming to strike a blow into the brute.


5/17/2018 6:05 pm  #225

Re: The coffee shop date

Saccha nods then watches him go gulping. Combat right. She'd done this before.. sort of. She starts running through her mental spell list to see what would work best


5/17/2018 6:33 pm  #226

Re: The coffee shop date

"Well as a kor solidarity is a big thing to my people im comin lorenzo. She runs in to atack and slashes with her (*longsword dealing 8)

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5/17/2018 7:59 pm  #227

Re: The coffee shop date

(Waiting for Jennifer's attack, then I'll resolve what we've got so far)


5/18/2018 9:39 pm  #228

Re: The coffee shop date

Maki strikes an ogre hard, digging her sword into the thick muscle of its forearm, but he doesn't seem quite that bothered. As Saccha considers her spell list, Lorenzo strikes the other ogre, who stares at him angrily.

(Jennifer? Then others)


5/18/2018 11:44 pm  #229

Re: The coffee shop date

Jennifer's attention lapses upon the fire she had been maintaining, letting the remaining blazes that were still smoldering from Lorenzo's water burn out completely as she instead turned her hands, and her prayers, towards the ogres.

"Dear Lord Asmodeus, no time to explain, Ogres! Please help. Thank you. Nos Nihil Ante Vos."

A spray of flames spread from the tips of her fingers to envelop the two brutes.

((Burning Hands, dex save against 3d6 fire damage, save resists half the damage. Preferably catching both in the 15 foot cone if possible.))


5/19/2018 12:01 pm  #230

Re: The coffee shop date

The ogres both enjoy a nice roasting.

Tinya's fiery sword appears in her hands and she swipes broadly, once at each ogre, nearly splitting the giants in half.

(Frances then Litharos)


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