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7/10/2018 11:34 am  #341

Re: Port Claw Ridge

"I can't thank you enough for helping to make Onyx healthy again," says Rosé, "but now that he is I'm a bit worried about our further adventures. dragons mostly gain strength through age, correct? Is there anyway to help the process along?"


7/11/2018 3:47 am  #342

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Right when Lilly said that there was an bang on the desk, one could easily guess that Isabella hit her head on the desk out of surprise as she quickly shot her head up, a bright blush on her face as she quickly shook her head no and said "N-n-no, I-I mean, I kn-know he can do it, bu-but it's just, I-I mean, I need." she would be stumbling on her words at this point.

There would be a few moments of silence as both Harold and Tinya looked at Seabeard, and then to each other as they both just burst out into laughter, Tinya holding onto one of her sides and Harold almost doubled over as Harold said "Lad, I think ye be readin' one too many o' them romance books." He said, wiping a tear from his eye from laughing.

Tinya would be catching a quick breath between her fit of laughing as she asked "Wait, wait, wait, hold on. Harold, what did you tell him?" she asked.

Calming down a bit, but still with a huge smile he said "Oh, oh boyo. Okay, so I did tell 'im we be married, an' how ye be winnin' that there card game." He then turned back to Seabeard. "Boyo, ya see, she's been tellin' me she be good at readin' folks. The fact alone she knew right a way we be tryin' ta trick 'er and she pulled a fast one on us is proof that she be tellin' the truth, so I got me answer. If she did actually take a bite o' that there fruit then I knew she was actually lyin' and a cheater, but now I know she's just that good at readin'." He said.

Tinya would be calming down now as well as she asked "Wait, wait, you didn't tell him 'why' I made that bet with you?" She asked.

Harold would say "Ah, lass, I didn't want ta make ye out as a complete heartless harlot." 

Tinya would fold her hands and stand with a bit of pride saying "Hey, I'm a Teifling, a bit sterotypical but I'm proud of my winnings here." she would turn to Seabeard and said "Say what you will but Harry here is a trophy to have, a living legend." she said

Harold would shake his head and roll his eyes. "Oy here we go again."

Tinya would look over and said "Your modesty is border line on complete lying, you know it's true."

Harold would then go "Lass, ye know there's nothin' special about me, I'm just a Half-Elf Half-Dwarf blacksmith enchanter." he said.

Tinya would laugh again and said "Just? Just? Okay first of all that 'Just' description is remarkable in itself and it's only a tenth of what you really are, you make items that border on being legendary." she said then turned to Seabeard. "Seriously this guy can mine, wood cut, hunt, you name it. He even makes glass, you ask him to make something and he'll gather the raw materials and make it from scratch, and he's too bloody cheap on what he asks for as payment!" She said, one could tell that an argument was starting now.

Harold would sigh and said "Cheap? Lass the stuff I make I can make a ton of. Ain't no need ta ask fer an arm an a leg fer simple stuff." he said.

Tinya, now actually a bit shocked, even if they have had this argument before. "Simple? Simple!? Okay, no hold on, we got a third party here, let's see what our friend here thinks, okay." She turned back to Seabeard. "Goggles, okay, hunting goggles that gives you both darkvision AND lets you see the heat signatures of every living creature in sight. one gold piece." she said.

Harold would go "Ay, and ye never been huntin' at night, do ye know how hard it is to hunt for game at night? First off, some o' them critters are hard to find durin' the day too, the darkvision turns itself on an' off. Besides, anyone can get themselves some goggles fer cheaper."

Tinya would laugh and go "Oh, right, right, hunting, okay how about arrows that CAN'T miss? Huh? You just aim it at what you want to hit and it's a guaranteed hit? Ten of those tracking arrows for a gold piece? Ten magical tracking arrows for one gold!?" She asked.

Again Harold would go "Lass, again, ye never go huntin'. Try huntin' rabbits in the woods, them critters are 'bout as fast as an arrow. Besides, they can be blocked an' stopped. Nothin' special 'bout them if somethin's armored."

Tinya, having remembered something would go "Oh right, right, armor, okay then how about this one then. About five years back or so, not sure if you heard about this, but there was a Paladin that went bonkers and went rogue, started killing off entire villages for one reason or another, and if that's not bad enough, this rogue paladin was an aasimar. And how is he brought down? Be a dagger Harold made. Harold here made a dagger that that could shatter armor with a single stab, and, okay AND put divinity smite on it, which killed the rogue paladin in one hit, Harold, made a dagger that KILLED a paladin aasimar in one hit! And he gave it away for free!"

Harold would hold his hands up and said "Hold on there lass, ye be sayin' that like I should o' charged the man, the lad was stickin' his neck out ta save others, it was the least I could do ta help the boyo out."


Riley would be thinking for a moment and hummed, putting her clawed fingers to her chin. " is true that dragons don't get stronger like the rest of us with training, growth for them is limited on time but their growth does make them stronger than we could ever be...but...well give me some time to work something out, I might be able to figure something." She said "I'll be back in just a few minutes to tell you if it's possible." she would put up a closed sign and go down an allyway, curious Onyx would follow just a bit, poking his head into the ally to see where she keeps disappearing to. = Frances De'Shalas
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7/11/2018 10:42 am  #343

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Lilly will begin to smile after being the single most daft woman in the history of romance.She will laugh and say."you have a crush on the captain,and due to your increased heart rate,as well as it is a big one."


7/11/2018 3:35 pm  #344

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Rosé would take a look into the alley as well.

(19 Perception.)


7/11/2018 8:37 pm  #345

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Isabella would go tomato red as she hid her face with the top part of her mages robe, but shily slid it down a bit and nodded, Lilly having hit the nail on the head with that one.

While both Onyx and Rosé looked down the ally, they both would notice that Riley would be ducking into a door on one of the walls, nothing fancy about the door or anything, except that it looked like it should not have opened as easily as it did, then again, Riley did say she had a way to the underdark, this could very well be it. = Frances De'Shalas
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7/11/2018 11:21 pm  #346

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Lilly will begin a deeeep sigh and ask some questions.
" ok so isabella can i call you izzy for short? Next how much is the pay, and final question how would you have contracted blood if you cant talk to him?"


7/12/2018 12:04 am  #347

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Lrz stumbles back on the ship after hitting the streets for some coin."Wow..I had really rotten luck out there this time..It was all rubbish ya know?..Any ways, what'd I miss crew?"


7/12/2018 12:04 am  #348

Re: Port Claw Ridge

"Well, that's far too interesting to ignore. Wanna go exploring Onyx?"

Rosé walks to the hidden door and examines it. 

lol even with advantage from Onyx's help, it's a 2 on Investigation


7/12/2018 8:06 pm  #349

Re: Port Claw Ridge

Isabella would twiddle her fingers as she said "I-Izzy is fine, and uhm, much? I only really got books on supply but any book you want and i-if I got the gold you ask for, I'll pay." She said and cleared her throat. "A-and you caught me by surprise, I-I uhm...I'm usually better and I can talk to Yawlgruff, I just uhm...I was caught off guard." She said and whimpered a bit. "U-uhm...wh-what's your thoughts on...on Lamias?" She asked

The door...was a door, as far as Rosé could tell, though with it's look of age, it shouldn't work the way that it seemed, looks like it could topple over,'s a door.

Onyx however would be sniffing at the door a bit, and took a small breath and spit a small amount of acid onto the door, a small hole for both him and Rosé to look through, one at a time though as he looked up to her and nodded with a smile, hoping it would help.

When Lrz got back, Blood would also be returning as he had some help getting the chests of gold onto the ship. "There we go mates, all paid up from the mission, a whole 100,000 gold pieces." He said with a smile and looked around. "Where's everyone else?" he asked, noticing they were missing Lilly, Rosé, Seabeard, and Onyx. = Frances De'Shalas
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7/12/2018 8:17 pm  #350

Re: Port Claw Ridge

"Well done, Onyx," says Rosé, peeking through the hole.


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