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Rush Week

(Beginnings 5)

Although the festival technically hasn't ended, it died down considerably since the first day. Until now, when several sororities and fraternities, along with various other student social groups, have opened up for aggressive recruiting. On one single path through the quad, there are gatherings of Delta Ampersand Delta (D&D), the Bro fraternity, Beta Beta Epsilon Gamma (BBEG), the villain fraternity, Alpha Rho Rho Rho (ARRR) the pirate fraternity, Yo Gamma Gamma (purpose unknown), and several others.

Toward the athletic complex, the cheer squad is harassing every slim and attractive woman that walks by, and a lone guy in a long robe holding a broom is begging somebody to listen to his idea for a new sport for wizards.

Yuan-ti are passing out flyers for Merrshaulk on every corner, while Drow girls in "Students for Lolth" sweaters are collecting said flyers and building a bonfire at their own booth.
And a stressed looking half-elf girl is hastily rearranging her neatly organized folders for the Young Knights of Myth Drannor everytime someone picks one up and then puts it down.

The bustle isn't unlike the festival at all, except now the organizations are pushier, and there aren't any food stands.


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Re: Rush Week

Sarah wanders around the recruiting area excitedly, determined to use her newfound freedom from military strictness to have fun and enjoy herself.

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Re: Rush Week

Meanwhile, Lorenzo lumbers through a portal some time after returning home, notably hatless and carrying a large supply of food.  Ma and Gran had both been glad to hear he was going to college, first of the family, and that he'd brought back what he could of Pa for funerary rites.  Because of that, though, they sent back most of what had not been consumed.  Which currently amounted to at least ten pounds of toffee so patently sticky it kept his mouth glued shut for three hours, a side of beef about as tall as he is and covered in some of his favorite seasonings, so likely unsafe for mammal consumption, and for some reason a large tub of butterscotch pudding.  Some adventurers had gotten drunk and crashed the rites, but that practically was a custom in and of itself, and that was the only food they had on them that saw daylight.  That said, by the time he makes it to rush week, only the butterscotch and a brick of toffee remain.  But the day is young.


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Re: Rush Week

Leo moseys on up to the Young Knights of Myth Drannor booth.

"Howdy miss," he says, "you doin' okay? I apologize for bein' so forward, but ya look a touch outta sorts. Any way I can help ya out?"

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Re: Rush Week

Unit, feeling he's more than prepared for classes, makes his way to the BBEG booth.  As he approaches, he muses on the feasibility of a psionic discipline to create ambient music around him that would be a suitably ominous warning of his approach.  He does make sure to note who is manning the booth, if it's the same group as last time it would affect the level of imperiousness in his opening address.


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Re: Rush Week

A rather well-rested and well-hydrated looking frog wanders into the thread, and heads towards the athletic complex. 

If my skin is mildly poisonous to these people, I may as well learn to put that to good use. He thinks to himself. 

"Excuse me mister!" t'Nee croaks loudly at the burliest figure he can find. And then a momentary look of panic spreads across his face. "Oh, shit. What's the common word, the sport where boys rub their muscular bodies against each other, and usually the one who ends up on top wins? Do we have a team for that?"

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Re: Rush Week

As Sarah looks for entertaining diversions, she hears a voice call out "Military strictness! No need to have fun and enjoy yourself! Come join Purple Dragon Knight ROTC!"

The elven girl looks up with a start as Leo approaches! "What!? Oh, sorry. I was told I wouldn't be manning the booth by itself, and I begged Calbert to let me make a schedule but he's all... 'We want this to be about fun and adventure,' but frankly, what's fun about not having a..." She hastily grabs a flyer somebody has set back on the table and slides it back into the stack. "They're color-coded for your convenience," she tries to tell him, but he's gone. She looks back to Leo. "Oh, I'm Trivia."

The half-orc in the letter jacket looks down at t'Nee. "Oh, um... Wrestlin'? Yeah, we got a wrestlin' team. Pretty damn good one. You're gonna want to talk to Coach Gareebo, but... I'm not sure what weight class you fall under."

Lorenzo finds himself being followed by a shortish gnome boy. "Ohwow isthatbutterscothpudding?Ihaven'thad butterscothpuddingsince myunclegothomefrom GinselhaveyouheardofGinsel? It'sinGreyspace I'veneverbeenbut myunclehasandthey havebutterscotchpuddingthere that'sreallyprettygood. Anywaydidyougetyours atGinsel..." It's at this point he stops to take a breath.

The BBEG booth is manned by a young fire giant and a girl with purple hair currently scratching notes into a large book, but it is still primarily maintained by the jerk Rodney Bargle that Unit talked to before. "Ah, the son of the LoBster," Bargle laughs, glancing at the other two as he awaits a chuckle that the fire giant eventually returns, but the girl remains too distracted.

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Re: Rush Week

On the tallest mast of the ship that made up the Kaz the Minotaur School of Seafaring, Rae lie on her back on the bottom of the crow's nest.  Her bare taloned feet were propped up against the wall of the crow's nest as she idly "ate" a sandwich.  She had been coming up here for lunch the past few days after the adventure that led her to discover the presence of the Church of Dusk in Sigil.  Paradoxically, it reminded her of home, and she was a little homesick... but she certainly wasn't happy with what actually did follow her from home.
   She found Ohtli near the stables the day before and gave her a warning.  Just in case.
  She picked at her sandwich, as a single seagull watched her with anticipation. She picked off a large piece of bread and tossed it, even as she said, uselessly, "Get out of here."
  She didn't want him to leave, actually. She'd already named him Scuttle. The bird leapt up and snatched the chunk of bread, then settled back down and watched as she picked at the sandwich some more. 
  The noise from the Rush Week celebration was starting to rise, so she stood up, took one last bite of sandwich, tossed the remainder to the bird, then jumped over the side to see if she could find anyone she knew... or anyone new to make friends with.

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Re: Rush Week

Lorenzo takes a moment to parse the conversation, but after shakes his head.
"Nah, not been to or heard of Ginsel.  Came from Eberron with it, you want some?"


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Re: Rush Week

Sarah can't help but laugh as she hears exactly what she's trying to get away from and turns to walk away from it, much more interested in the sorority section of the recruiting fair than joining yet another military organization.

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