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4/24/2018 6:55 pm  #1

League of Evil Students

With a tray of cupcakes and her loyal minion carrying it, Jennifer went to BBEG's party, arriving at a punctual time and knocking when she got to their door.


4/24/2018 7:03 pm  #2

Re: League of Evil Students

Unit approaches the BBEG house.  Naturally Bargle would seek to humble him, some form of hazing, humiliation, it was to be expected.  So be it, he only sows the seeds of his own suffering, and Unit would reap a most satisfying harvest.  Seeing Jennifer, he stands next to her.  "Don't be nervous, this place is full of delicate egos that might try to tear you down to build themselves up.  But You can handle it."


4/24/2018 7:06 pm  #3

Re: League of Evil Students

Being the ever dutiful minion, Lorenzo walks behind Jenn with sword and admittedly new shield slung on his back, the minion shirt straining against his bulk as he carries the platter.  Admittedly, the reason he was trusted with it now was because Jenn had made a few extra as a favor/sacrifice to the gullet, but they make decent time at least.
"Any idea what to expect, 'boss'?"
He gives a nod to Unit as they run across him.
"Exactly why she recruited me as her 'minion'."

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4/24/2018 7:23 pm  #4

Re: League of Evil Students

Jennifer laughed nervously. "Guys, come on, it's a party, I'm sure we can all have fun tonight and make some new friends." that said most could probably tell that she was trying to convince herself of this fact more than anyone else.

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4/24/2018 7:27 pm  #5

Re: League of Evil Students

Lorenzo gives a grin and a nod.
"Will do, 'boss', just acknowledging there's always some jerks in a group is all."


4/24/2018 7:42 pm  #6

Re: League of Evil Students

The door opens and Unit, Jennifer and Lorenzo are greeted by the knees and calves of a fire giant in a pair of cargo shorts. "Come on in."
Another student whom none of you have met so far stands beside him, wearing deep black armor, wearing a deep black cape, and face covered by a deep black mask. "Sup," he says.


4/24/2018 7:54 pm  #7

Re: League of Evil Students

"Well at least they have good fashion sense."  Unit appreciates organics who have the courtesy to cover themselves.


4/24/2018 8:06 pm  #8

Re: League of Evil Students

Lorenzo looks up to give a wave to the fire giant first, then to the armored man.
"Evening.  How're you two today?"

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4/24/2018 8:41 pm  #9

Re: League of Evil Students

"Hello! I brought cupcakes. I didn't know whether we were supposed to bring food or not. But I thought I might as well, since everybody likes cupcakes right? Well I guess they're chocolate, nobody here's allergic to chocolate are they? I'm really sorry if they are I didn't want to exclude anyone. I hope you're not mad..."

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4/24/2018 9:42 pm  #10

Re: League of Evil Students

"Oo, cupcakes," the giant says.
"Yeah, sure," the person in black says. "This way." He glances back at Lorenzo in the much-too-small t-shirt. "You know, you weren't supposed to bring a minion. The shirt was for you. We call our pledges 'minions.'"


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