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2/14/2018 10:06 pm  #1

Life on the Fifth Floor

Azer Dorm is rather small compared to other residence halls you've seen on the way, but the lobby floor seems nice. They could stand to have an elevator, though, and it's probably good you aren't any higher than floor five.

The hallway is spacious and just from the spacing of the doors, the rooms seem to be fairly decently sized as well. There are six numbered doors on either side of the hall, and another at the end of the hall, marked "RA" In addition, there is a door clearly leading to a supply closet (if you can read common and know what the words "Supply Closet" mean when printed on a door). There is also a large shower/bathroom area at the end of the hall.

Midway on the west wall, there is a spacious lounge, furnished with three large couches and two over-sized chairs, as well as a ping-pong table, a pinball machine, and a cabinet marked "Cormyr Cola" which has a slot for coins and buttons on the face labeled with what appear to be the names of beverages.


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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

I go up to the machine to inspect it,curiouy


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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Silgon finds his room.  If the door is locked he will knock.   No reply,  will look for the RA. IF unlocked will enter and pick a side.


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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Silgon finds his room unlocked. The room is fairly nice. Two beds, two desks, spacious. One closet. He appears to have gotten here first.

In the lounge, Makiharra sees buttons that say such words as "Cormyr Cola," "Mountain Doom," "Diet Cormyr Cola," "Hermit's Pride Ginger Ale," and "Dr. Pepper." After a moment's perusal, the cabinet seems to gurgle, then suddenly launches a can out of its lower slot, which hits her in the knee.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Vile thing i shall break you for spare parts.


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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Jennifer made her way to the dorm, still a tad unsure of navigating the large campus. However she had found it, and after the trek up the stairs, she found the room, where sure enough, her personal chests, still carefully locked, had been methodically piled outside the door.

She knocked on the door, waiting for a response. Her roommate might be in there. That was certainly an aspect of dorm life she was excited about. She had had siblings of course, but it had always been a tad impersonal when they all had their own wing to themselves. This would be much more fun, she was sure of it!


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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

In the lounge, the machine gurgles once more and a couple of coins fall out of the coin return slot.

The door to Jennifer's room opens, and a small girl stares at her. She is tall for a halfling, but still rather short for anyone else, her face painted with strange patterns. She doesn't say anything, but looks Jennifer up and down, licks her lips absent-mindedly, and hops back into the room onto the bed.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

I will grab the drink it shot at well as find a space to tinker.and if their is no space for that may haps find a part time job.but id keep watch for cheer practice as well.


2/15/2018 10:25 am  #9

Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

Makiharra finds plenty of space in the lounge to tinker. As she does, a rather unkempt bugbear with knotted fur stumbles in wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms. He drops a coin in the drinks cabinet and one falls out in the manner it seems to be intended to work. He looks at Makiharra, blinks, rubs his eyes, and pops the can open. "Shit. Is it fall semester already? I better get to registration." Then he sits on the couch.

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Re: Life on the Fifth Floor

After Frances walked with a group to the dorms, he would be looking at his own dorm room as he knocked. "Hello? Anyone in there?" He asked, hoping there wasn't. As long as no one answered he opened up the door and took a look around to see if there was any signs of anyone living in there. = Frances De'Shalas
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