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6/22/2018 9:57 pm  #1

True Adventure

The first week of classes had been... bracing. But now, it was time for adventure.  School-approved, meticulously planned and organized adventure!

"Howdy Trivia," said Leo as he entered the meeting room, "yer lookin' lovely as always. I'm really lookin' forward to our first adventure."

He grabbed a seat next to a stranger and tipped his hat.

"Howdy, Leo Delgado. Bard. And you are?"


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Re: True Adventure

Unit, as he was a member of this group, was naturally on time.  


6/22/2018 10:03 pm  #3

Re: True Adventure

Rae walks into the room.  Professor Jas had told her not to miss anymore classes, but this adventure was a school function, so it should be ok.  She noticed Leo was there, but she expected him. "Ahoy, Leo," she said.  Unit was there as well, both were at the table during rush week when the signed up. Well, Rae didn't sign up exactly then, she was distracted. She's frequently distracted. But she went back later and signed up. "Ahoy, Unit," she smiled. Then greeted anyone else in the room.

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Re: True Adventure

At one of the portals leading into Sigil, there would be a couple of arrows and a fire bolt flying through as Frances would dash from the otherside of the portal and rolled a bit on the ground as it would hopefully close before the mob tried getting to him, his mask being cracked and cloths burning in a couple of spots as he had an arrow in the shoulder of his cloak. Frances would pat out one flame that was on his glove with the other as he flipped the portal off and mumbled "Someone just had to recognize me there...well that's another city..." He said pulling the arrow out.

He would walk over to the spot where the adventure was gathering and said "Ah, well something's good happening at least." He said, going over and sitting down, his mask still cracked and his adventure gear/disguise was still tattered a bit and burnt. "Don't ask." He mumbled, shaking his head. = Frances De'Shalas
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Re: True Adventure

"Uhh, hi guys," t'Nee pipes up. 

The group looks upwards, and t'Nee is sitting there in a modified lotus position, meditating upside down on the ceiling.

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Re: True Adventure

Trivia blushes as Leo says she looks lovely, but meticulously continues to check off names as people arrive.
The stranger next to Leo nods back. She's thin, making her look taller than she actually in, her white hair, while not truly composed of feathers like Rae's, has a feathery texture to it. "I'm Kiki. This is all very exciting."

A human cleric walks to the front of the room. "Morning, everyone. I'm Calbert of Tyche, president of the Young Knights. This is our first freshman-level adventure of the year, so I'm glad to see such a great turnout. I'm sure everybody's excited to hear where we're going, and I'm very pleased to say that I've arranged a trip to the Sunless Citadel, which--" There are some annoyed grunts, and a few people leave. "What?"
"Everybody's been saying 'Barrier Peaks,'" Jaro Bytheway says. "I thought we were going to the Barrier Peaks."
"No, the... the Barrier Peaks is a junior expedition. We..." There are boos. "The Sunless Citadel is a classic adventure site! There are kids in Thunder Ridge who would kill to explore the Sunless Citadel!"


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Re: True Adventure

"Sunless be soundin' a bit gloomy, savvy?" Rae speaks up. "But Professor Wayland be suggestin' I go t' be catchin' up on me studies, so I still be on account."

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Re: True Adventure

t'Nee leans close to Rae's ear and whispers, " most citadels have sons? I've never seen a baby citadel crawling about."

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6/23/2018 3:22 pm  #9

Re: True Adventure

"that really be the first place yer mind went?" She grinned. "I be fairly sure they be meanin' the citadel be some place that not be seein' the sun. Like the fiery celestial body in th' middle o' a crystal sphere. So it likely be quite dark."

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Re: True Adventure

"Nice ta meetcha, Kiki," says Leo.

When everyone starts booing, Leo speaks up.

"Now c'mon y'all, I'm sure they put a lotta work inta this trip."

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