Sigil Prep class of 5e

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9/12/2018 6:41 pm  #1

The Gathering

read Rae's last post in the Fifth Floor Thread first.

                The freckle-faced elf leaned heavily into the palm of his hand like he was bored… quite a feat for a person who was going to measure his life span in centuries. “Come On, Trish,” he said with a sigh.
                Trish Brewer looked at her hand. She was a turn away from a big combo… but for this turn, she really didn’t have many options.  She only had one card she could cast, and maybe she could make use of that “explore” ability.  She reached toward her land cards, and turned two Islands and a Drowned Catacomb to the side, then placed a card on the table. “Siren Lookout,” she announced, but then immediately drew her hand back in surprise as the card glowed a fierce blue, a column of light rising up from the table.
                “Is that tournament legal?” her opponent asked.
                When the light faded, a form illuminated by blue light came into view.  As soon as Rae coalesced from the light motes next to Trish, she looked around in surprise. “…. can most be usin'... it..  What in Davey Jones’ Abyss?  Where be I?”
                Trish looked at the siren in surprise.  Absently, she “explored” pulling the top card from her library. It wasn’t a land, and it was a card she needed, so she put it back, but put a counter on the Siren Lookout.  Rae’s eyes widened as she pulled her pistol.  “OH!  I think I just leveled up.”
                “What did you do?” the freckle-faced elf asked.
                “I don’t know,” Trish responded truthfully.
                “Why can’t I move?” Rae said, struggling to move her feet from where she stood.
                A man who was wearing far too ostentatious an outfit and whose skin sparkled a bit too much to be hidden off camera so well grinned.  “Sigil….” He said, as he cut a deck of cards with one hand absently and repeatedly.  “This town is about to get dressed up.”
                A woman with flamingo themed armor took a final drag on her cigarette, throwing it to the ground and grinding it into the floor with a pink toed boot.  As she blew out a cloud of smoke, she said, with very little interest, “So, boss.  What’s the plan?”

Pat, if anyone is out of character in their speech lmk and I can change it.  I was going to set this in a coffee shop... then the student union... then I decided you could decide where the tournament was if you wish to

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9/14/2018 2:55 pm  #2

Re: The Gathering

"Actual summonings after playing a card usually only occurs between planeswalkers," Trish muttered.
"Oh," the elf says, "that explains it. You're a planeswalker."
"No, no. Not Sigil Prep students. Actual planeswalkers."
"Like the football team?"
"From Dominia, I..." Trish waves a judge over. "Hey, Nissa. I... seem to have actually summoned a siren lookout, and..."
The elf woman grimaces, looks around. "Well, this is no good." She glances at Rae. "How do you feel? Any unexpected compulsions?"


9/14/2018 4:38 pm  #3

Re: The Gathering

"Compulsions? I really could be usin' a nipperkin o' rum, but that be normal," Rae said. "I was going to go to Odo's with Gary an' his friends in a bit. But, now I be here. An' as I was askin'....WHERE IN DAVY JONES' ABYSS BE HERE?"

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9/14/2018 10:50 pm  #4

Re: The Gathering

"You're in a game store, although at the level our Miss Brewer seems to be playing on, this should be held at a Duelist arena--"
"And indeed it shall be!" the Host makes his dramatic entrance by stepping out from the small crowd of observers. "On our premiere episode of Plane Duels, the first multiplanar broadcast, high stakes Magic: the Gathering extravaganza! You may applaud." Two or three of the people in the crowd take him up on it, until they realize they're in the minority and trail off.


9/15/2018 9:42 am  #5

Re: The Gathering

"An' just who d'ye be thinkin' ye are?" Rae snaps at the colorfully dressed being. "An' if ye be the reason I be here," she points at Trish, then Nissa, "or ye, or ye... Then ye can just be sendin' me back to Sigil Prep now."

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9/15/2018 11:39 pm  #6

Re: The Gathering

"I'm not sure it's that simple," Nissa says. "Once the summons is made, the summoned, pardon the term, creature remains... in play, for lack of a better term, until defeated, or the Planeswalker has lost the duel." She turns to the freckled elf. "Play something."
The elf turns a couple of cards sideways and puts down a card, and the group watches intently as nothing happens.
"Fine. I'm going to have to play your deck." She picks up his hand and sighs. "Of course you're playing red/black."

"But first!" the Host says, "We must away to the Arena of Duels!" He waves a hand dramatically and sparkles fill the air. He holds the pose for a second, then says, "Stef, I told you to arrange for a teleportation effect."
"We don't have the budget for that. You want to hire outside contractors, you have to put some money into it."
"Don't bore me! Everyone this way!" He strides out of the game store.
A few glances are exchanged, then Trish, Nissa, and some others follow.
Rae is left to wonder why she was left behind, but shortly after, she finds herself vanished and reappearing in a much larger venue, flying high above a table where Trish and Nissa face off.


9/16/2018 12:03 am  #7

Re: The Gathering

When Rae appears high above the table she falls for a second, as she gathers her wits and assesses her surroundings. She opens her wings, catching air, and begins to lazily circle the table.  Below her, it's Trish's turn.  Rae looks up and around the arena and mutters, "Bugger this," and flaps her wings to fly out of the arena.

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9/16/2018 11:25 pm  #8

Re: The Gathering

Rae finds herself unable to actually leave the area, curving back inward as if the upward air currents were overcompensating for every turn. Below, Nissa places a card. Lightning bursts from the sky, striking Rae (10 electrical damage, half with DC 13 Dex save).
"Sorry!" she calls up.


9/16/2018 11:41 pm  #9

Re: The Gathering

Rae nimbly spins in mid air, the lightning bolt arcing too near, too fast to fully dodge.  But she manages to avoid the majority of the damage.

She curses like a sailor as she swoops down toward the table below.  "What d'ye think ye're doin?" she finally manages to say coherently.  She still doesn't know exactly what is going on, but she decides the colorfully dressed being delighting far too much in what's happening must be the one to blame. As she swoops, she smoothly changes direction toward the Host.

save 23

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9/19/2018 7:26 pm  #10

Re: The Gathering

The Host's eyes widen as Rae swoops down. He clears his throat. "Stef?"
The flamingo-armored assistant pulls some sort of pole arm and readies it.
"This is a penalty against Blue player, just so you know!"


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