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9/23/2018 11:46 am  #11

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora walked over and kissed her mom on the cheek, "Oh, you know. A lot of work. Professors in majors not used to multiracial or evil students. Then again, my major is one of the less popular ones and there are many more humans in it than anything else. I'm not sure why."

She frowned, "I guess we know why there aren't that many BBEGs if they refuse to pay hired assassins."


9/24/2018 8:27 pm  #12

Re: Fiends and Family

"Well, that seems very short-sighted. How do those teachers deal with problem students if they don't use assassins? Maybe you should reconsider that scholarship to the School of Pain in Baator?"


9/24/2018 8:47 pm  #13

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora sighed, "Mu-um! Don't you want me to be able to stop by? It's not like I have a communication spell so I would have to wait in line with everyone else. This way I can just come visit. Plus, the uniforms were awful."


9/25/2018 9:19 pm  #14

Re: Fiends and Family

Jennifer smiled and gave her aunt a quick hug as she was invited in. "Thank you Aunt Atlishi, I'd love some lemonade." she was silent for most of the exchange between Mora and her mother, but she did took the opportunity to add something. "Some of my brothers went to the SoP. It seemed pretty good, but Francis is a rogue major and he said he's looking to transfer out to the familiar program as soon as he can to get some more practical experience. Apparently their sneak attack courses are good on the theoretical stuff, but a little low on practical applications. I mean it's one thing to know which points on a body will instantly kill or inflict torturous pain upon them, but it's apparently another matter to put it into practice when all the people you're stabbing are heavily restrained in barbed black iron chains, at least that's what he said."

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9/27/2018 6:09 pm  #15

Re: Fiends and Family

"Well, that does make sense," Atlishi nods. "I hope you're not disappointed. I went to Max's to get some fresh cranium rats, but they appear to have all escaped, so the lasagna has beef in it instead."


9/29/2018 1:49 pm  #16

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora shrugs, "Beef is good, too, Mum. So what have you been doing while I've been gone?"


9/30/2018 12:23 am  #17

Re: Fiends and Family

"Just trying to get the house in shape. You know your father keeps worrying his boss is going to invite himself to dinner any day now. I really wish he'd just assassinate that man and take his job, but apparently that's not how they do things anymore."


9/30/2018 11:21 am  #18

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora nodded, "I noticed the bronze on my egg is shinier than normal. It almost looks brand new."

She sighed, "Yeah, I know. He says that's no longer a sign of a 'go-getter' or a 'self-starter' anymore. I think the bosses made that up because they just didn't want to be assassinated anymore. But I guess he would know his work better than us. Plus, if he was the boss, some 'go-getter' would try to assassinate him."


10/02/2018 10:50 am  #19

Re: Fiends and Family

At that, Da returns home, hanging his coat in the hall closet. "Good afternoon, all. I think I got the Devonshire account squared away. That was a man who was determined to hold onto his soul. And I can't imagine a fairer contract. Some people." He kisses Mora's mum, then Mora on the forehead. "And little Jennifer is here. How's school so far?"


10/06/2018 4:17 pm  #20

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora nodded, "Great, I have cheer tryouts soon. Learning to hold spells in my dagger and climb up sheer surfaces. Not gotten the hang of the last one, but the spells are going well."


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