Sigil Prep class of 5e

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12/03/2018 10:23 pm  #41

Re: Fiends and Family

"Well," Atlishi says. "Dinner's on the table. You can discuss your plans while you eat."


12/18/2018 6:49 am  #42

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora poked her cousin and went to the table. "Smells great, Mum."

She helped her mother serve the dinner, chatting while she did, "You could take her to the Jolly Golem. Or... Oh, Jenn, we should take Blue to the Brass Ring. He would love it there. Lots of fire. Where were you planning on going? Or just walking? Showing sights for a later date?"

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12/18/2018 2:19 pm  #43

Re: Fiends and Family

"Well, I was thinking someplace secluded. And soundproof, so the noise doesn't bother anyone."


12/18/2018 4:21 pm  #44

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora laughed, "Two things, Malcolm. One, this is Sigil. It's so noisy I'm surprised anyone can hear anything. Two, have you met my cousin? She's the quiet one. If it was me, that would be something, I grew up here, I know how to make myself heard."

I also know how to follow and be sneaky. 


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