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9/16/2018 4:31 pm  #1

Rebooting the Canon

Alright, time to figure this stuff out.  I need to find someone who I knew last time, but haven't met this time.  Blue scurries at random across the campus, looking for someone who fits the bill.

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9/16/2018 11:34 pm  #2

Re: Rebooting the Canon

After some dashing about, Blue spots to redhaired girls chatting on a bench in the quad. The more ostentatiously dressed one says, "But alack, I can't quite place it. I just feel... I should have more narrative importance. 'Twould seem one of such grace and charm as I would be more in the limelight."
"There's a time and place," the other says. "You can't be everywhere, all the time."


9/17/2018 8:12 pm  #3

Re: Rebooting the Canon

The hamster hops up on the bench between the girls, looking between them.  It sure seemed like the Crimson Lotus was in every other thread before.  Hi Anastacia!  Hi Anissa!

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9/19/2018 6:47 pm  #4

Re: Rebooting the Canon

As Leo's strolling by, he comes to a sudden stop. He looks at the redheads and does a comical double-take.

"The Deneith Twins? Hot damn, I didn't know you gals went here. I'm a big fan!"

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9/19/2018 7:36 pm  #5

Re: Rebooting the Canon

"Every other thread?" Ana mouths in puzzlement.
With Leo's approach, Anissa bows deeply, removing her ostentatious hat with a practiced sweep. "A pleasure to meet such an ardent admirer. I am Anissa, the Crimson Lotus, brave and beauteous, and this, of course, is Anastacia, firstborn heir to the barony. Oh, and of course, my new friend, the talking rodent. He also recognizes us, so 'tis quite a day for veneration 'twixt the sisters Deneith."


9/19/2018 7:44 pm  #6

Re: Rebooting the Canon

Of course YOU're a fan, C- wait, what are you now? Eh, I'll read your sheet later.  Blue hops onto a higher perch on the bench.  So, everyone here should know who I am, but doesn't, so I gotta find out what else changed.  Like, does Ami even still exist now?  I'm glad you two are around, but Roxy isn't even a student now, right?  Maybe NPCs change less.

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9/19/2018 8:37 pm  #7

Re: Rebooting the Canon

"Yeah, I bought the Girls of the Dragonmarked Houses calendar every year for the last five... uh, you said you know Roxy d'Cannith, little guy?"

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9/20/2018 8:53 pm  #8

Re: Rebooting the Canon

"How they ever put out that calendar without the unchallenged beauty of the Crimson Lotus is beyond me."
"It's like they haven't asked you."


9/20/2018 10:38 pm  #9

Re: Rebooting the Canon

"Wait, yer not in it? I coulda sworn... the gal for Olarune last year looked a heck of a lot like ya. 'Course the real show-stealer was Sypheros, ya'd think those Phiarlan an' Thuranni gals were really tryin' ta kill each other."


9/20/2018 10:41 pm  #10

Re: Rebooting the Canon

I guess you guys aren't secret this time around?  Way harder to write that when you're not in every other thread, huh.  

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