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10/16/2018 11:44 am  #1

Venus needs pirates

Something went wrong.

After being sent away from the Host's crazy game, Rae should have been sent to her dorm. But she was from Ixalan, and was summoned by an ixalian card...could magic get confused?

Her head was ringing, and she felt rain falling on her. The temperature was hot and the smell of fresh rain and dank forest mixed... Was she sent home?

She was nuzzled by a small snout. A snort and a sharp jab to the ribs by a spear woke her up in time to see the last of the blue motes of light that brought her here fadin from sight.

A dinosaur sniffed at her.  She was about to conclude she was on Ixalan when a brown haired woman astride the dinosaur poked her again.

"Owww," Rae complained.  The woman did not look like Sun Empire.  She wore an almost Grecian suit of almost-armor that just screamed "Amazon" with a stylized lightning bolt holy symbol etched on the breast.

"Who are you?" The woman demanded. "Are you with the crocodile men?"

"Crocodile men?" Rae asked. This didn't seem like a part of Ixalan she was familiar with... But it was a big area.  She tried to sit up,but even before the Amazon could stop her she gritted her teeth and reached for her side.  Stupid goblin. "D'ye mean, Lorenzo?"

the Amazon tilted her head. "You're hurt."

"It be a scratch," Rae declared. "Oi, I be rude. Me name is Rae. Rae Quetzali."

"Mary. Mary Mar-Vell," the woman answered.

"A pleasure," Rae said, lying in the mud.

"I will take you to the queen," Mary said.  "She will have her answers.

Rae Quetzali 3rd Level Rogue/ 1st Level Bard. Still a Parrot Pirate

10/16/2018 1:21 pm  #2

Re: Venus needs pirates

Which is about when more motes, this time white and green, open a tear in the sky and out drops a gator man.
The ground shakes with the thud as Lorenzo makes a small, him sized crater in the ground, hat fluttering down next to it before a hand shoots out of the hole and grabs it midair, placing it back in it's rightful place as Lorenzo pokes his head out.
"That has to be the worst portal placement I've seen.  I mean really, who puts one on a dorm room door?"
He looks around from his hole, before spotting Rae and her new friend and waving, unconcerned about armaments.
"Hi Rae.  Hello, guard with a spear, any idea where we are?"

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10/16/2018 3:23 pm  #3

Re: Venus needs pirates

"Arrr!" Rae shouts in surprise.  As she wipes the mud that Lorenzo kicked up from her face and pushes it off the front of her shirt she says, "Shiver me timbers, Lorenzo, ye be givin' me a fright!" She looks up at Mary, "This be Lorenzo, savvy?  Lorenzo, this be Mary.  She wants t' be knowin' if we know any crocodile men. Her dinosaur be kind of cute, but I not be knowin' 'is name yet."

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10/16/2018 4:55 pm  #4

Re: Venus needs pirates

"Sorry, but one moment I was going into Azer, next thing I know it's a quick drop and a dirt bath.  Wait, Crocs?  First off, you both know I'm a gator, right?  I mean, my snout is so much wider than those louts."
He gestures to his maw as he pulls himself out of his hole.


10/17/2018 11:42 am  #5

Re: Venus needs pirates

Mary's brow narrows and she pokes Rae with the spear again. "I believe we were going to see the queen. Or you can talk to this lizard, your choice." She guides her dinosaur deeper through the muddy jungle.


10/17/2018 11:50 am  #6

Re: Venus needs pirates

"Ow! Again!" Rae says as she picks herself up and onto her feet.  "Aye, let's parlay with yer queen." She follows behind Mary.  "By the way, where be we? It be remindin' me of me home in Ixalan... But this isn't Ixalan is it?".  She pauses for an answer, but then her eyes brighten. "Oi, and what be yer dinosaur's name? She be a beauty. She be a ferocidon, aye?"

Rae Quetzali 3rd Level Rogue/ 1st Level Bard. Still a Parrot Pirate
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10/17/2018 2:59 pm  #7

Re: Venus needs pirates

"Queen?  Crocs?  Wait...would this happen to be Venus, by any chance?"
Lorenzo follows along behind Rae, half tempted to bite the spear into bits though at the poke.


10/18/2018 10:46 am  #8

Re: Venus needs pirates

"Yes, of course it is Venus," she says, then adds, "my dinosaur's name is 'Mr. Squawky Scaley.' He is brother to the Queen."


10/18/2018 1:40 pm  #9

Re: Venus needs pirates

"Mr. Squawky Scaley, it be a pleasure meetin' ye," Rae says cordially. "He be th' crown prince then?"  Rae didn't know much about how royalty worked, other than the vampires had royalty...but she spent more time learning how to sink their boats than learning their royal heirarchy. 

The sound of rain on the canopy of jungle trees made for pleasant enough walking music.  But the canopy was dense enough that flying more than, say, twelve feet off the ground would be an iffy proposition at best.  So Rae kept trudging through the mud, holding her hat down against the large drops of water that made it through the maze of tree leaves.

"So, then we be on this...Venus.  where near Venus in relation to say...Krynnspace...or th' Rock o' Bral?"

Rae Quetzali 3rd Level Rogue/ 1st Level Bard. Still a Parrot Pirate
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10/18/2018 2:33 pm  #10

Re: Venus needs pirates

"Well good news, bad news time then.  I know where the crocs are from and their hirer's goals, bad news is one involves blowing up Venus, so we should probably haul tail."

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