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Supporting Cast

For NPC's not created by Mr Pat Duke

The Martinson Family:
Martin Martinson II: Age 51 Marty's father.  A Thyatian soldier and the seventh son of a seventh son, he came to Traladara as a young man and married a local.  He retired from the army and took up farming when the Empire ceded title of the area to Duke Karameikos.
Linda Martinson: Age 47.  Martin's Traladaran wife and the mother of seven sons.

Owen Mattinson:  Age 31.  Oldest of the Martinson boys.  Like all of his brothers, he left home at 16 on his Shearing.  Unlike most of them, he never returned to settle on the family farm, though he does visit once or twice a year.  He currently serves as the bosun of DSS (Duke Stefan's Ship) Maiden's Dance and spends most of his life at sea escorting merchant convoys and fighting the pirates of the Minrothad Guilds.

Duston Martinson: Age 30:  Dunston manages the family farm.  He is married with two daughters and a son.

Albert Martinson:  Age 28.  Albert is a well-to-do merchant based in Specularum, He rarely leaves the city, and visits home much less often than Owen.  He runs a successful import-export business with operations in the capital, Kelvin, and Threshold and a very secret location in the eastern foothills not far from the coast.

Otto Martinson:  Age 21.  Otto and Walter are twins, both are married and work on the family farm.  Otto has a son and a daughter.
Walter Martinson:  Age 21. Walter has a son, and his wife Kate is expecting.

Paul Martinson:  Age 19. Paul is the sixth son, and has only recently returned home from his Shearing.  Filled with tales of wonder and adventure, he seems restless with the quiet rural existance and it is not clear if he is going to stay and join the family business, or set out again. 

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Marty:  Female Human Rogue/4

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Re: Supporting Cast

Unit002: Warforged wizard, School of Evocation
Studious nerd, obsessed with magic and how it can give him power over all things.  Unlike 001 he's not disgusted by organics, but is rather fascinated by how different species use magic.  If the opportunity arises, he wouldn't object to an opportunity for vivisection.  At school 002 is most likely to seek out like minded wizards and pick their brains (Not literally.  Okay maybe) for any secrets about what makes a species innately magical.

Unit003: Warforged Scout Rogue, Assassin
Cold, efficient, almost emotionless.  003 is more machine that anything else, purely logical.  Third born but first in his father's eyes, 003 is his spy at Sigil Prep, assigned to find anything that might be of use to the Lord of Blade's artifice work, and send it home.  At school 003 is unlikely to seek friends unless they can do something for him.  He's willing to pose as a minion or toady for someone else, for as long as he thinks they can get him what he needs, after which he'll simply ignore them and find someone else.  

Unit004, Warforged Barbarian, Path of the Berserker
Wild, hedonistic, bloodthirsty, 004 is a disgrace.  Rather than rightly hating organics for their sins, she revels in how her dalliances with them inflame her father.  But rather than admit his mistake and dispose of her, he has sent her off to Sigil Prep with her brothers, where she can antagonize someone else and hopefully die.  At school 004 is most likely to seek out other "party girls" to show her a good time.  Unfortunately 004 isn't a metallic Roxie or Pembe, she's a psychopath who might try to kill someone after a good time, just to see their shock.  Nothing is so fun to '4 as bloodshed, especially the unexpected kind.


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Re: Supporting Cast

Carla De'Shalas: Age 40. Neutral Evil Necromancer. Carla is the ex-wife of Frances, though there was never any official divorce for obvious reasons. She has been able to stay under the radar for her whole life, only her victims ever knew her dark secret, even keeping it hidden from Frances. One night Carla decided she wanted a more permanent assistant, and who better than the person she married? In his sleep, Carla slit Frances' throat and cut off his tongue, performing a ritual to rise Frances up and enslave him to her will. However Frances did manage to escape, but she has sworn to "Reclaim what is rightfully hers." = Frances De'Shalas
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Re: Supporting Cast

Taenara Holimion - Doraad's former master and mage of the Valaes Tairn. Thrown across the planes in a magical accident while attempting to escape the clutches of the Kech Volaar. Is currently suffering from a conspicuous absence of the voice in her head telling her to kill things, which is causing her a great deal of stress and aggravation, to put it lightly.

Karul - Goblin Sergeant in the Darguun Army, specifically a unit patrolling the Darguun/Mournland border. A Sharn native, even decades after the Goblin Mercenary revolt he can still quote every pithy line that was ever printed by Beggar Dane. This also informs you as to his character - someone who's smart, tells it like it is, and wouldn't hesitate to knife you in a back alley for your last copper. Was given the job of instructing Doraad on squad coherence and the two developed a rapport of sorts as the two "intelligentsia" of the group.

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Re: Supporting Cast

Makihara has had aumberof close allies she coul deem family
​just the bulls chargers.
​Axe Bull Minotaur squad leader
​Bitey Vampire healer(they aren't all assholes)
Handsy human rouge
smart ass aka fishy the merfolk wizard
​.seethe naming pattern bitey,handsy,maki,axey, and fishy


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Re: Supporting Cast

"Ma" Mara Thuya - Druid and current matron of her clan in the Thuya tribe, Ma is one of the taller sorts in the clan (claiming descent from the Black Scale tribe) and is mother to Lorenzo and his eleven clutch siblings.  Has always been fast with a wooden spoon (+2 great club) and a sharp tongue if any of her brood get too far out of line, which she finds also works wonders on any adventurers seeking to start problems.  She has a tendency to try out new meal ideas involving herbs druids in the Eldeen Reaches tend to use to incite oracular visions in her recipes.

"Pa" Martin Thuya - former ranger and lover of Mara, unfortunately was lost to the jungle when guiding adventurers to the same temple Lorenzo found the Scholarship at when Lorenzo was six.  Lorenzo found his favorite knife and hat among scattered lizard bones in that temple.  He carries them now.  Has recently been laid to rest in the ritual signifying reincarnation.

"Gran" Nerua Thuya - former matron of their clan, aged barbarian nearing the end of her days, and proof that her line has the might of the Black Scales in them.  Passed the spoon to her daughter which has struck many a questing hand away from spoiling dinner and many a smart mouth upon the skull.  Taken to resting among reminders of her past and being a lore keeper of the tribe, telling the old tales and instilling a respect for the traditions.  Currently makes molasses chews that can even slow the jaws of her grandkids.

Uncle Jeh'rry - Maternal uncle, helped Mara keep Lorenzo's clutch in line.  He is a barbarian, and fervent believer of the Devourer as he swims the oceans.  His favorite prey tends to be pirates, though merchant will do in a pinch, as they tend to be laden with gold and easy targets.  Currently married to a Grung he met in the swampland of Xen'drik, and raising a clutch of young fire newts that got displaced when Fernia had become coteriminous.

Aunt j'Ree - wife of Jeh'rry, also one of t'Nee's aunts, and a grung barbarian.  Her fierce racism against bullywugs has kept the two and their budding family well fed and cared for.

Leopold Thuya - Second smallest of the clutch at a mere 7 and a half feet tall, Leo takes after Uncle Jeh'rry in that both are Berserker packing gator man and a halfs.  That said, he is also the second lowest level and strength at a mere level 5 and strength 18.

Lara Thuya - Biggest of the Path of the Numbskull siblings at a full ten feet tall, she is the one most of her siblings try to beat and never do.  That said, she is also the one most in need of a Smart Friend, which tends to default to either Gran or Uncle Jeh'rry depending on whoever is closest.

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Re: Supporting Cast

Infernal Duke, Legate of Archdevil Fierna and Belial, and Jennifer’s father. A strict fundamentalist Asmodean with a devotion that even other devils can be off-put by his traditialism. Has had several children from a variety of wives, both fiendish and mortal, with Jennifer’s mortal mother being the latest. He raised all of them like Jennifer, with a strict dedication to proper infernal obedience anddevotion to Asmodeus. He legitimately cares for his children, though his unusually large and varied brood is often a point of intrigue in the Hells, with most suspecting that Jennifer and her siblings are part of some grand plot.

Zachary Chamo-
One of Jennifer’s older brothers. No one in the family talks about him much ever since he “rose”, their father doesn’t want anything to do with him, but last they heard he got really into meditation and monk stuff and joined a monastery in Bytopia. Should he ever be encountered again, Zachary is a barbed devil with a few levels of monk, his head spikes pulled back into a fascimile of a ponytail, and he wears tie-dye and sandals a lot.


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Re: Supporting Cast

"Jake", male half-orc rogue:

Another member of House Tarkanan. He has the ability to temporarily induce blindness or the loss of other senses. Jake wears a domino mask to hide what he calls the "Aberrant Mark of Glory", and is convinced it makes him look dashing and mysterious. In fairness, he does have a shadowy past. Also, a feud going on with the Swashbuckler program over being preemptively banned from signing on. He has since acquired a role in their running dramas as an edgy antihero or villain. Jake would feel a lot better about his niche if he could be sure the assignment wasn't just condescension.

Priscilla d'Orien, female human bard:

She never really believed in the whole "corporate overlord" thing, or cared to join a guild. She wants to become a stage magician. Yes, they are still a thing, and Priscilla has a talent for it. Even those guys from the Finders Guild couldn't figure out where she hid that train car. She and Simon remained friends after his abandonment. Priscilla was the one who came up with the idea of naming aberrant marks. It hasn't caught on for obvious reasons, but Simon has decided to run with it. I mean, "Aberrant Mark of the Harbinger"? You could put that on a business card.

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