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4/26/2018 6:55 pm  #21

Re: League of Evil Students

Lorenzo raises an eyebrow as the small kobold comes in, the comically small, neon Minion shirt and grin hopefully doing a bit to alleviate the "near seven foot tall gator man" issue some new folks had on first meetings.  Though he also turns to first Jenn, then to the BBEG, and shrugs with confusion.  Given he is, for the night, part of the help as Jenn's retinue (and rather happy with the shade of red he can see the guy in the lead turning even with the hood), he lumbers over to the small lady lizard, giving a light rumble as he talks near her.
"G'day.  Could you use some assistance currently, Miss...?"

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4/26/2018 7:37 pm  #22

Re: League of Evil Students

"Ms Meijich. Saccha Meijich." She said smiling. Big handsome lizard guy saying hi to her. Okay this wasn't entirely just a moneymaking venture then. "I was hired by one of the .... leaders? Heads? I'm new to this whole college bit." She shrugged. "But I'm a dab hand with sweets so I brought some up to this suite...tho uh.." She looked at the note she'd been given. "I'm not sure I got the theme right. " she said holding it up. It said. "dreamscape.' on it. 


4/26/2018 7:54 pm  #23

Re: League of Evil Students

"Pleasure to meet you, Ms Saccha Meijich.  Gotta admit, bit new to it too, but that's part of the fun, eh?"
He offers a hand to shake to his new kobold friend, grin still on his face, and still genuine.  It seems to widen as he reads the card as well.
"That does seem to be this address, too.  Any idea what the name of your employer is?"


4/26/2018 8:18 pm  #24

Re: League of Evil Students

She scrunched up her face. "A lady named... uh.. Linnie? Lannie! Lannie, yeah she hired me... why?" she asked, as she took a jar of large glowing gummi jellyfish that were actually swimming, out from the bottom of the rack with telekinesis, idly placing it up on the buffet table. 


4/26/2018 9:39 pm  #25

Re: League of Evil Students

Jennifer was just as surprised as the rest of the pledges about the sudden appearance of Saacha, but she was more concerned about the catering situation. "Oh my Hells, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you guys already had desert figured out. I um... Well I guess I deserve the spot here because I'm interested in having a good time with friends while I learn to help the Lord of the Ninth subjugate the Multiverse under his iron thumb?"

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4/26/2018 9:57 pm  #26

Re: League of Evil Students

Saccha looked to Lorenzo. "What's she talking about?" she whispered trying to keep her voice down.


4/27/2018 2:26 am  #27

Re: League of Evil Students

"Jenn's trying to join, made cupcakes. Asked me to act as her minion for this. Name's Lorenzo Thuya, by the way."
Judging by the hand he puts up to try and be conspiratorial and the fact his voice doesn't go lower at all, he already has been whispering.  Though he seems to get distracted by the candies for a moment.
"That's impressive talent, Saccha."


4/27/2018 11:32 am  #28

Re: League of Evil Students

Bargle seems about to say something obnoxious to Unit when the kobold walks in. "This isn't the kitchen!" he yells, then looks at the whole situation, people... socializing!? During his meeting. "Thank you!" he says to Jennifer. "Subjugating the multiverse! That is an admirable goal although... cucpakes? I..."
"Say 'thank you,' Rodney," the woman to his right says. Although she's hooded, the fact that she's taking copious notes even during the conversation about catering suggests she's one of the members that was manning the booth earlier.
A girl, appearing human, although her skin has a sickly green tone, comes skipping in with a brightness that belies her pallor. "Oh! The caterer's here! Hi, I'm Lannie, I'll sign for that. Hey, Rodney, can I get some petty cash?"
"Here," the other woman says, "I'll chip in."
"I've got a platinum," Manny says, "Can you break this?"
"Here," Manny says, giving Saccha the platinum. "The rest of you guys can pay me back."


4/27/2018 2:01 pm  #29

Re: League of Evil Students

As Lorenzo helps Saccha distribute the contents of her cart, he pipes up at Rodney' s outburst.
"Actually, fairly untrue.  Study enough history and even the greatest monsters pay for benefits.  Mostly because part of living that long as the villain is understanding you have to reward service as much as punish disobedience."

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4/27/2018 2:41 pm  #30

Re: League of Evil Students

Saccha's eyes bulge at the platinum, and she does a little jig. Then she looks at Bargle, something in her eyes cooling just a bit as she looks at Bargle, and curtsies as best she can in her bellbottom pants.  "Sir, before you judge my wares as unworthy of payment, might you sample one? I assure you they are quite delicious" she plucked a gummi jellyfish out of the bowl and held it up to him. It was a mellow pinkish orange, and gave off a slight scent of peaches. 

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