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Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

"Prophecy of the Holy Norns
The world is doomed to die
Fire in the sky
The end is coming soon!"

It was supposed to be a simple job.

You were told by one of your usual contacts that a job of the utmost importance, or perhaps of the easiest nature, required your particular talents. Something about sneaking into the elemental airship construction facilities of House Cannith in Sharn and boarding a particular vessel. Smaller and sleeker than the surrounding ships, with a silver and white motif reflected throughout. 

The vessel stuck out like a small glacier among more conventional trees of the forest. Unfortunately so did you - Perhaps you didn't have the proper identification and never intended on getting caught and having to show it. Those House Cannith guards can occasionally be canny, at least when it comes to unique pieces that would cost the house a pretty penny. Perhaps you never really cared, after all it wasn't like there was much that could get in your way when you put your mind to it. Perhaps you didn't have a plan and were simply guided by blind and unwavering faith that somehow you would find a way to get on board. Or perhaps for those most vaunted and respected members of society you were politely informed that even your high status was insufficient for proper clearance. And that you should leave. Immediately. Escorted by the polite gentlemen with swords.

No matter what your intended response, things quickly turned to chaos as it seemed like a number of individuals with similar plans had been caught at the same time. The guards found this suspicious and tried to take you into custody. They failed.

You were likely already in the middle of the facility when everything fell apart and it just so happened that your target ship was the closest point of escape. Figuring that you could kill two glidewings with one stone you boarded the ship and, with a little bit of trial and error, collaborated with your fellow conspirators and a few bond-pressed workers to send the ship flying into the wild blue yonder. House Cannith was not pleased with the theft of its property and registered its displeasure by having the security forces fire off a number of arcane bolts from nearby machinery - some originally intended for airship construction and some intentionally constructed for security purposes - at the airship. Their attempts were insufficient to bring the ship down, but it does not remain unscathed.

And so you find yourself with a number of questions as the silver-white airship flies wildly through Sharn's airspace. Though the most important these is probably: How are you going to deal with half the bloody ship being up in flames?

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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

"What do you mean I don't have clearance?"  Voltus demanded just before the firestorm.  "I'm here to take delivery, and these papers..."

"... are forged."  The security officer interupted.  "I'm going to have to take you in sir."

Well, at least this peasant was being polite.  Barely. 

"Forged!  That's impossible."  And then things got really interesting, apparently there was an intruder.  Or several intruders.  And all the action seemed centered on the small but sleek ship.

Voltus took the opportunity to ditch the officer left to guard him when the others started their wild chase. But quickly found all means of escape blocked.  Except of course, for the ship itself.

He jumped aboard and made his way to the helm.  "Cast off those cables!"  He yelled at the person nearest to the rail.  "Both fore and aft!  Quickly man!"

It wasn't his best piloting, but they got out of the facility and into open air without a hull breach.

"Fire!"  He yelled, probably unnecessarily.  As he worked to extinguish the nearest blaze. 


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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

It wasn't the kind of job Iain would normally take, but his Boromar contact had insisted.  He had a client who wanted this boat, Leo owed a favor, and that was that.  Ian had managed to bluff his way past the outer rings of security with the help of some forged paperwork, but the closer he got to the target the faster he had to talk, and eventually he'd run out of plausible lies.

So he'd thrown down a bubble of darkness, blown some things up, and run like hell.

Apparently, he wasn't the only one after the ship, too.  Now there was a half-elf at the helm (and that was convenient, he didn't have to hold a pilot hostage) barking orders, as well as an old-looking warforged and a crazy halfling with a glidewing.  Oh and of course the ship was on fire.

And his sword was yelling at him.  It just would NOT shut up.

"Yes, I know the ship's on fire, you're not helping," he snapped, glaring at the ancient, heavy blade, "this is Sharn, there must be a waterfall we can fly under or something!"


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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

Where two at least were tricked, one was simply told to come, so he did.  Triage stomps over to the fire, pulling out a blanket he kept for others and some water in case they ran out.  Dousing the blanket thoroughly, he begins using it to try and smother the flames as he considers what had happened and his new acquaintances.

Some weeks, having trudged out of the Mournlands again near death's door, came to the fortress city of Caer Shadowfast.  While receiving the repairs needed, a courier had come for him, surprising mainly because his name was nearly forgotten to even him these days.  However, the letter was addressed to him and was simple.  A request for aid, a request for being set free from Cannith to do what was needed, and a request for him to participate.  So he went, and with the papers they had provided, bluffed their way in as a new hire for staff in general until it was time to take the yet unnamed vessel.  Namely, when his poker face cracked, the papers were declared forgeries, and the klaxons went off.  Only then did he meet his new allies.

"I'll work to contain the blaze."


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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

"She's hurt, I don't know what you expect me to do."

"I expect you to get that animal out of here, this isn't a roost for flying lizards!"

Kirnan sighs, shaking his head for effect.  "If she tries to fly now she'll just fall, can you calm down for just a few minutes and let me check her out?"

"Just hurry up before I arrest you."

"Fine, fine."  Turning away, the halfling makes a show of going over his glidewing, Looking around the shipyard, he waits for there to be no one nearby, or at least not looking, when he jumps into the saddle and drops down to his target, the white airship.  The dinosaur opens her wings to brake the fall, and he leaps clear before drawing his hammer and running for the ropes tying her down.  When he sees he's not alone, he works faster, the quicker they were away the sooner he could sort this all out as to who was doing the stealing.  Which was him, and these tallfolk had better get with that idea, and fast.

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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

"That's actually a good idea."  The half-elf at the helm replied to the man apparently offering a suggestion.  Springing to action, Voltus steps away from the flames and turns the ship hard to starboard, making steerage straight toward the nearest waterfall.

"Hang on." He called warning after the first maneuver threw a bondslave off the portside stern.  "Things are about to get rough."  Apparently, the pilot didn't seem to consider a sharp turn at speed all that rough.

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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

Through the various efforts of the group, the blaze does not appear to burn out of control. Though due to a lack of water and the size of some of these fires you are having some difficulty putting everything out. Which is why the suggestion of the human with the strange looking blade at his side appeared to make a great deal of sense. This lead the half elf actually flying the ship to make a hard turn on the wheel of wind and water that he had keyed to the vessel. Though hard turn was an understatement as people and ropes began flying everywhere. One or two of the crew even fell off the thing, and the speeds being generated had the mixed effect of putting out some fires and fanning other flames.

Eventually though, the ship sped its way through the skies of the middle Central Plateau towards a huge black cylindrical stone, hovering in midair and surrounded by 12 large vertical jets of water in a circular pattern. Quickly zooming through the water, the majority of fires were put out by the sheer abundance of the stuff. Unfortunately this also had the side effect of making the elemental ring shudder as it protested under the strain. A loud rasping noise similar to that made by steam can be heard coming from the floor below the main deck, though you'd swear you thought it sounded like a scream for a second there.

The ship wobbles for a few seconds before resuming its usual speed. Of course, there is still the problem that the group is piloting an airship without any regards to air traffic, at a relatively fast pace, through one of the nicer sections of Sharn. The immediate danger has passed though.

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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

At the wobble, the screams, and the bodies flying overboard, Triage just once again feels worthless for all he can do.  But maybe he could keep things from falling.  Dragging the soaked blanket, he heads down the stairs to check for any fires potentially below - or wounded from the dramatic driving.


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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

"I am a genius," declares Iain.  Followed by a muted, "Shut up, Hyperion, I am too." He then looks for a way to secure himself to the ship, so he doesn't meet the fate of some of the unlucky crew.  Hopefully they'd been smart enough to pack the feather fall tokens he hadn't thought of.

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Re: Chapter 1: The Boat, The Boat, The Boat Is On Fire...

Kirnan looks about to make sure the fires are out, brushing his soaked hair back, the laughs.  "Well then, that went much better than I expected it to!  So, who are all of you and why were you trying to steal my ship?"  He puts his hands on his hips, hammer hanging from his belt and his shield on his back.  His glidewing waddles up behind him, ungainly as you could ask for on the ground.


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