Sigil Prep class of 5e

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Go ahead and link your character sheets here. This thread can also be used if you want to post any backstory for your character as well.


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Re: Characters

Kirnan, Apostate Paladin

Work in progress

Kirnan was on a mission to another country (which one isn't particularly relevant) and while staying in a village on the border (where people would be of a more mixed ideology) he slept with a woman and got her pregnant. Years passed and he knew nothing about the child, but when she finally tracked him down and told him about their daughter, he realized he didn't really want the world to end, not once he actually had a stake in it. So he took his family and left, breaking his vows and taking them as far away as possible. She wasn't interested in him as a companion, just a way to get her daughter away from the omnicidal maniacs, so he travels as a mercenary/adventurer, taking what jobs he can, so he can send money to help support them.

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Re: Characters


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Re: Characters

Bekkah, Barbarian Princess

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Re: Characters

Sarah McAllister: Human Artificier (Gunsmith) 2

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Re: Characters

Miles the Unblemished, healer of the Elohim Order. In Bannor lands on a (i don't know if it's secret) mission (not from God). 

t'Nee, lvl 3 Grung Monk, Way of the Tiny Dancer, SP
Miles, FFH
Seabeard, lvl 2 Dwarf Barbarian, Pirates

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