Sigil Prep class of 5e

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6/02/2018 6:39 pm  #331

Re: The coffee shop date

"wow this is really good..thank you so much for the hospitality...its been a while since ive saten down and had a meal with...others...who arent rats.."


6/02/2018 7:31 pm  #332

Re: The coffee shop date

Jennifer, wary of her last experience with Lizardfolk cooking, mostly picks around the mushrooms, while trying her best not to look rude.

"So uh, Litharos right? You like swarms and stuff? That's... cool. Ever been to Maladomini? Beelzebul is really big into all that, you know the Lord of Flies and all that."

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6/02/2018 7:44 pm  #333

Re: The coffee shop date

"so it was wonderful meeting you lizard momma so ill have some pants ready for leo in two days."
She will walk to frances
"Frances shall we dance one last time before we part,ill be waiting outside."


6/02/2018 7:47 pm  #334

Re: The coffee shop date

Frances would nod as he would accompany Maki outside for one final dance for the evening. = Frances De'Shalas
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6/02/2018 8:56 pm  #335

Re: The coffee shop date

Maki's words cause some ears to perk up, so to speak, and several of the lizards turn on Leo. "Ha! Leo's gettin' pants!" "He finks he's a mammal!" "Whacher hidin' in yer pants, Leo!" And they start shoving him back and forth.

"You kids enjoy your swim," Ma says.
Meanwhile, across the room, Tinya yells, "Gin!" and lays down a fan of cards.
"That's... not how that works," Trish replies, rubbing her forehead.


6/02/2018 9:29 pm  #336

Re: The coffee shop date

Just in time as the first moon begins to rise on the horizon, the glow of the other twelve beginning to show as the gleam of the Ring washes across the realm.  So Lorenzo grabs several fallen branches and his knife, making a crude fluted instrument that he plays for Maki and Frances as they dance under the gleaming light of realms above.  As he would ask Frances to do after they were done for him and Saccha, but the night was young, the day long, and all could use some relaxation and respite.  The work of  a chaperone done, two new relationships starting to bloom, and a bunch of giant gator folk coming this way as they brawl OH DEAR HOST-
And like that, the date and touching moment devolves into a splash fight as everyone gets shoved into the waters.  But hey, it's all part of dating as adventurers...
(Fade out time probably)


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