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6/04/2018 8:16 pm  #71

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Elanna waves farewell to the sister and says, "Of course! Though I will have to stop by the Tentario-Onis just to check, if that's okay. I can't return to my unit empty-handed, after all."

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6/06/2018 10:22 pm  #72

Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

The entirety of the festival was being placed on something of a pause as the tournament was preparing to begin. Most everyone that was in good health was going to watch the opening ceremony and the first round that would follow, though there were exceptions. As members of pacifist orders, the Nemora Elohim sister was remaining with her herbs, as was, as far as those present could presume, the Gigori Medicus. Also of note from the high stands where Syndari was sitting with the kin leaders, was that Korrina had not yet returned with Captain Revius yet, though most of the Bannor delegation was present, including Confessor Gaius. Instead the fort's Commandant, a more minor military leader of the Bannor officially stationed as Torpala's leader, eventually returned, giving a few whispers to the Duke and the Chief, before he stepped forward to address the crowds.

"Citizens of the Bannor! I address you not as kins, but as countrymen, on this day of celebration of 20 years of unity and strength. When the Bannor first arrived upon these hills, they found a people divided by enmity and strife. Even in the face of the greatness of Junil's chosen, their distrust refused to be abated. It was then that the Bannor, under the guidance of the Archangel Sabathiel himself, proposed terms for the kins, offering to pay them tribute if two of their champions could defeat two humble Bannor footmen. But there was one small condition. Both pairs would be bound together, leg to leg. The champions, great warriors though they were, let their enmity for the other overtake them, and they were easy prey to the footmen, who had been taught how best to fight side by side as one. Realizing the strength the Bannor had demonstrated in their unity, the two Kins swore loyalty to the Bannor empire, and kinship with one another. So it has been since. Thus on this day do we honor Sabathiel's gambit, and great warriors, from every kin and land have arrived on this day, not only to prove their strength of arms, but also their strength of unity. Let this unity preserve itself for ages to come."

With that, and during the applause that followed, the two combatants are approached by the Tournament aides to have their legs bound to the other, their movements hampered to prove their teamwork within battle. Valk and Polk seem a little unsteady, but as they take a few steps you can see this has more to do with their drinking than with any lack of cooperation, something they seem to have spent at least some time working on.

((Jon and Kirnan roll initiative))
((Special Rules: At the start of each of your turns make either a Wisdom or an Intelligence Saving throw to determine your coordination with your partner, DC 10. Failure imposes disadvantage to your attack roll that turn.))

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Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Miles supervises the leg-tying, ensuring that the aides knots aren't so tight as to restrict blood flow, and then inspects the combatant armory. 

He pauses at a particularly deeply-dented shield, concentrates for a moment, and touches it gently, tracing his fingers over the dent, which buckles and pops back into its correct place at his touch. At another rack, he mends a lance that he suspects may have been intentionally cracked to give its unfortunate recipient a disadvantage. He doesn't share this suspicion with Elanna, who is following him on his rounds.

It goes on like this. The wealthier, more prestigious entrants no doubt had their own equipment, well fitted, honed edges, and gleaming armor.  The bulk of the glory-seekers, however, were left with this pile of rejected military arms, which to Miles looked much like a game of pick how you'd like to get wounded today.  He avoided sharpening any dulled edges, but did smooth out jagged nicks from several blades, mended several sets of chainmail, reattached a few fingers to their gauntlets. 

"Ah, there she is," he says, picking up a spiked ball from the top of a pile of miscellany that was either meant to be used as improvised thrown weapons, or perhaps was just a pile of spare parts. He carries it over to the rack of Quarterstaves, where a rather out-of-place length of iron had stood out to him earlier. He positions the ball at one end, mutters some words under his breath, and then carries the restored Morningstar to its correct rack. 

Despite going about this chore diligently, anyone looking may well notice the scowl on Miles' face as he does so. Like the other healers, he's not particularly thrilled about the tournament. Violence can be necessary, he is willing to admit, but violence for sport is wholly wasteful, much less...violence for...celebration? The concept is appalling. Still, he'd rather be on hand to help minimize casualties.

The real fight is yet to come, and all of these bodies will be needed intact, he thinks to himself, darkly. 

He sighs. "That should be sufficient, I suppose." Men would still die here today, but fewer of them by their own blades coming loose from the handles, fewer by their bow string snapping, fewer from their armored boots locking in place as they try to run.

"Let's go watch." he motions to Elanna.

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Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

John, though encumbered by his leg-bind, releases his bolt aimed at Valk. It soars through the air and hits him in the thigh, piercing his leg armor, with a loud thunk.

John moves to load another bolt, hoping Valk's leg injury will slow down their approach while he reloads.


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Re: Adventure 1: The Tournament of Torpala

Miles and Elanna made their way to the edge of the arena to watch the opening bout, his Order guilder and her Bannor armor both effectively fending off any questions of why the pair was so close to the action. 

Arriving just as an arrow pierced the leg of one of the combatants, Miles grimaced and resigned himself to a long day of this. 

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