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Soda Shop on the Borderlands

After getting directions from Neil, the group heads into Sigil East. Those who have been to a big city before have seen the sort of close quarters as buildings are built with barely a narrow alley between them, and cobbled roads make the passing carriages drive more smoothly, but also more noisily.

The nearest general store, as it were, is Gygax Groceries, largely misnamed as most of what is inside is snack foods and a smattering of canned goods. However, it looks like a very convenient store, based on its location and small size, which makes it easy to navigate.

The dwarven woman who seems to be running the place smiles as you enter. "Well met, my friends! How are you all this afternoon?"


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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

The most amazing thing about Sigil to Doraad was not that it was big. He had expected that a planar metropolis, big enough to drag young adults from all over the planes for its educational program, would have quite a bit of pull. Even though he'd only been to one or two cities of this magnitude, Sigil was still similar enough that the hobgoblin was exceedingly impressed, but not starstruck.

No, the intriguing thing was that despite that it felt just like a slightly more upscale Rhakaan Draal. A completely packed mess of a place that where you couldn't go a few feet without tripping over someone or walking into a building wall. Well... if you were a demi-human at any rate, goblins seemed to navigate such places just fine. Therefore, Doraad had managed to end up slightly ahead of the group and made it to the general store first.

A bit cleaner and more permanent than a stall in the Bloody Market, but food was food. Not too surprising. Also a sign you should ask the shopkeeper rather than rummage around, if you had a specific request. Doraad went up to the dwarven woman and stated:

"We've..." Doraad looked behind him and then amended his statement. "There'll be more along in a bit. We're looking for something called... Barley Brothers Select Cream Soda?"

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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

"Oh," the dwarven woman's face falls. "Well, if that isn't a problem. For the last few weeks, every shipment o' Barley Brothers seems to have been intercepted and replaced by this." She holds up a bottle of Hermit's Choice Premium Ginger Ale. "Which I ne'er ordered, and frankly smells like a mixture of orc sweat and bullywug piss. Not even sure how. The stuff comes directly from the factory in Karameikos. An' they sure as Moradin's beard don't brew this tepid swill."

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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

Doraad took a smell of the bottle and... *eech*

The hobgoblin nearly gagged. Even by his relatively low standards that was the worst thing he'd ever smelled in his life. Yeah, that wasn't going to cut it.

"Somebody got a grudge against your shop or something? We, kinda... have to get the stuff and it's either find out who messed with the wagon or a trip to the brewery."

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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

Hano had slowly fallen behind the group as she kept stopping to stare at things (and, in one case, try to taste it), but when she realized the rest of the party had moved on she dashed to keep up with them. And sure, she had had to climb that one building to avoid losing sight of the group, but what was that gargoyle so uptight about anyway?
Hano panted quietly she entered the shop, just in time to hear the dwarven woman's explanation. Fun fact, cats pant because they have no sweat glands.
"If someone's messing with the shipments, we need to go to the brewery, right? We can't just wait around for the next shipment."

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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

"According to the shipping label," the shopkeep says, "the brewery is in the Atlan Tepe Mountains. Right near the Keep on the Borderlands. If you're intent to go --and I appreciate if you are-- it's a fairly popular adventuring site; Jov's House o' Portals probably has a portal that lets out right near there."

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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

As the others make their own way to the soda shop, despite them leaving as a group and in this soda run together, Doen makes her way by getting directions from the local city squirrels. What's that? She still doesn't have speak with animal prepared? You caught me. In truth she just chased squirrels around and got lucky that she found the soda shop, really lucky considering the size of the city. Though she was also insisting to anyone following her (or just to herself if no one is following her) that the squirrels knew the way.

She did show up just in time to hear that last bit however. "Adventuring site!? Does this mean we'll be going on an adventure? Yes! I love adventures despite never having actually been on one in my life yet! So really I just imagine I'd love adventures, but still!"

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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

t'Nee hops into this thread just in time to hear the Grocer describe the supposed ginger ale. 

DM Swift wrote:

like a mixture of orc sweat and bullywug piss.

I HATE BULLYWUGS, he froaks. 

After doing several backflips to work out his angst, he manages to calm down and addresses the other students and the grocer. 

If there's any chance of bullywugs there, there better be a reward. 

Noting the grocer's magnificent beard, he addresses her, No offense Sir, but if we secure your correct shipment, what's in it for us?

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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

"Well," Hano interjects, "adventuring sites usually have treasure, right? That's what I've heard. And I don't know about y'all, but I'm more than a little tight on money at the moment. Whatever this shopkeeper could give us, we could probably get more just by going to this 'keep on the borderlands'."
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Re: Soda Shop on the Borderlands

The grocer says, "If you're able to free up the shipments and get my stock, I'm more than happy to reward you. I don't have much, but I'll do what I can manage."

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