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9/14/2018 3:30 pm  #1

Fiends and Family

Jennifer excitedly finished clearing up the ritual pentagram, in the center of which Satin slept. She had taken the Lesser Bargaining 101 Featured Elective Academic Talent course mostly as a way to placate her dad's constant desires for her to go into the Warlock program, but she had taken a real interest in it once she had learned that her thesis could involve binding a fiendish creature as her familiar, a fiendish creature like her Hellkitten Satin. Any class where the primary grading area was carrying your familiar around with you and taking notes on your progress with it was a good one in her book.

Satin was already starting to grow, already about the size of a normal cat, if with somewhat kittenish proportions, and her coat was starting to show signs of invisibility, though for now she was still visible unless she concentrated upon it. She also hadn't quite lost her juvenile venom glands, but that was neither here nor there.

Jennifer had tried communicating with her with the telepathic bond the ritual had granted them, but she wasn't quite sure if it had worked, as Satin seemed about as disinterested in talking as before. She supposed that since hellcats were already telepathic it wouldn't really seem like a terribly interesting development for her.

As she cleared up the last of the incense, Jennifer caught sight of her Hannover Hellhound novelty clock and gasped, realizing she was in danger of running late for her dinner with Mora and her family in town. She gently scooped up Satin into her bag, and made her way to Mora's room to meet up.


9/14/2018 5:12 pm  #2

Re: Fiends and Family

When Jennifer got to Mora's room, her door was open. Mora sat at her desk, now covered in papers, books, pens and ink, and a bag of feathers. She was busy sharpening her daggers. She had finally picked her major.

She looked up to see her cousin, "Oi! Jen. Ready to go?" Her nose scrunched, "You smell like incense."


9/15/2018 11:27 pm  #3

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora's roommate, a human girl in an oddly cut dress made of some manner of animal skin, looks up as Jennifer enters. It looks as if she's trying to teach a cheetah to play some manner of board game that neither of them understands. "You go out now? Jarna take out trash before bed."


9/16/2018 5:00 pm  #4

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora nodded, "Yep. I'll be back later. Thanks for taking out the trash." She reached over and scritched the cheetah's ears. It's a big cat, but it only had claws. How was that a dangerous creature?

She turned to Jen, "Ok, let's go." She left the room to head toward her parents.


9/18/2018 8:41 pm  #5

Re: Fiends and Family

Jennifer smiled at Jarna. She assumed it was Jarna, and she was just using some odd Prime accent that used less pronouns than was typical, but she supposed she could just be referring to a friend of hers named Jarna.

"So where do your parents live? Is it walking distance or should we take an Uwl'ber?" she asked Mora, referring to the terrifying new avian-ursine based transportation service.

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9/18/2018 9:05 pm  #6

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora headed down the hall, "We could. But we could also walk. It's not terribly far." Once they were out of earshot, "That was my roommate, Jarna. She's.... nice. But not much of a talker. Or a reader. I gave her the game. She likes the pretty colors. She's been making up her own rules."

She grinned, "So how are classes going?" Mora was very excited now that she had a major.


9/21/2018 10:32 pm  #7

Re: Fiends and Family

"Oh, classes are alright. It does feel a little weird though, most of the Cleric courses are kind of geared towards good alignments. They had to actually check on Lord Asmodeus's status as a deity in the current edition's curriculum to make sure I was meeting all the basic course prerequisites, which is simply ridiculous. Also I'm taking this warlock Feat class on top of my cleric courses to make my dad happy. It's alright, definitely a lot more of Asmodeus's faithful there, but I don't know, so many of them seem a little more like fair-weather devil-worshipers, you know? Like they're only making the pacts because they expect something out of it instead of pledging their soul because of their devotion to the infernal cause."

She began to feel like she was starting to rant, and restrained herself "It's all alright though. What are you up to?"

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9/22/2018 12:11 am  #8

Re: Fiends and Family

The pair walk through campus and into town; the distance to Mora's house is remarkably short.


9/22/2018 9:43 am  #9

Re: Fiends and Family

Mora laughed, "You know it doesn't bother me for you to talk, right?" Jen was family, if she needed to rant or babble, it was ok. 

She shrugged, "Mostly it's the rogue courses, but a few magic. There's not many people in my major either. I asked if I could imbue my racial spells and the instructor got a strange look on his face. I mean Hellish Rebuke is evocation, I looked it up. I don't think anyone's ever asked. But  it's a lot of fun."

They get to Mora's house and she opens the door, "Oi, Mum. We're here!"


9/23/2018 10:36 am  #10

Re: Fiends and Family

A snake woman in a blue dress, a simple apron tied about her waist, enters. "How were classes? Jennifer! You're turning into such a beautiful young lady! Make yourself at home. Lemonade?" To Mora again, "Your father will be a bit late. He's having to work on the Devonshire account. Sometimes clients just refuse to pay, and it's such a hassle for your father."


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