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2/21/2018 10:08 pm  #11

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Akodo Rokku wrote:

"Plum different from Newthrone too," says Leo, "so much stuff there's built to survive an attack, while everythin' here... well, who the heck could ever attack this place anyway?"

What Jen said had him wondering, though, and he picked up his pace to catch up with her.

"Hey, what's Hell like anyway?"

Jennifer gave a shrug, as she continued to look everywhere. 
"Hm, it's alright I guess. The lava flows in Phlegethos can be pretty, but it seems nothing interesting seems to happen there. It's all just politics, politics, politics, this fiend's plotting against that fiend who's actually made an alliance with those fiends but they're secretly planning to double cross them to somefiend else. It gets old after a while you know? Sometimes you'd think that with the blood war going on and lord Asmodeus's plan to take over the multiverse, we could all learn to work together before worrying about all those little things, but everyone just seems to get wrapped up in what they want.

It's why my dad never put me in the academies. He said they teach kids how to start scheming young and he didn't want me to turn into another Machiavelli wannabe, whoever that even is."

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Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

They pass manner wonders along the way. Odo's Pizza, which had left such an impression at the festival. Carriages pulled by horses and things that weren't quite horses and things that weren't at all horses. A young boy with feline features selling newspapers, whose upper torso connected to the body of a lion cub, centaurlike. Shops and restaurants of every variety.

The group reaches Hickman Drive, where Illegitimate Spice Dealers is visible. If directions were correct, Legitimate Spice Dealers should be just around the corner.


2/21/2018 10:15 pm  #13

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Jennifer's sight-seeing was distracted when she caught sight of the sign for the spice dealers. "Ooh, that's it over there right?"

 a few bounds took her close to the storefront and she tried to take a look to peer in.

"This is the one that Neil mentioned right? Weird name for a spice shop isn't it?"


2/21/2018 10:18 pm  #14

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Lorenzo pauses at the newscub, before buying a paper off him just to see what sort of news is in town.  Also to ask some useful directions.
"So, kid, which Spice Dealer is trustworthy?  Labeling things Legitimate tends to be the idiot's way of covering up illicit stuff back home, so just seeing if that's the case."


2/21/2018 10:25 pm  #15

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

"Hey kid."  Marty addressed the centuarish lion -boy.  "I'll take a paper." She flipped him the smallest coin she had.  "You must know the stores around here.  Where can I find corn?  Or, uh, maize some people call it." 

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Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Rae looks around at all the wonders of the city. She'd been here before, of course, on her campus visit, but now she was all alone... chaperone-wise... and it was so wonderful.  So many different people, types of people... so much to see. But, it was time to get some spices. 

She walks into the Illegitimate Spice Shop.

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2/21/2018 10:27 pm  #17

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Jennifer, seeing Rae walk in and trusting her more traveled dorm mate's judgement, followed behind her into the shop.


2/21/2018 10:44 pm  #18

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

An entire plane of politics?  Leo shuddered involuntarily as he followed the girls into the shop.

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2/21/2018 10:50 pm  #19

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

Eshkigal wrote:

Lorenzo shoots a grin back at Unit as he turns.
"Got any appreciation of art?  Because good food is an art form as well, mate."
He grins wider at how Jenn and Chi-Chi react to it all, though, even if he was in a similar boat.  He was rather certain he'd enjoy it here.  Though he gestures to Unit on his next sentence as well, addressing Jenn.
"Dunno where this Hell place is, ain't heard of that where the two of us are from at least, but you like this, then you might like Sharn too from what I heard.  Towers so tall they scrape the sky, roads up and down the entire way, a maze and a city unlike any other back home."

"Of course I appreciate art.  I am art, as is my entire race."  He follows Rae into the clearly illegal shop.


2/21/2018 10:52 pm  #20

Re: Makin' My Way Downtown

"Ahoy!" Rae calls out to the (presumable) shopkeep. "We be here lookin' fer spices."

Rae Quetzali 3rd Level Rogue/ 1st Level Bard. Still a Parrot Pirate

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